Nisekoi | Does it Suck?

Disclaimer: This is a RANT about the Anime. I do think it’s still a good Anime to watch for all people, and if you’re new I definitely think you should watch it.

Now, let’s get on with the rant 🙂

Nisekoi, an Anime that was overhyped to the max and I believe, did not meet the extremely high expectations it was given.

Now, now, I know there are a lot of fans of this Anime, when I mean a lot, I mean A LOT. With close to 500k members having Nisekoi on their MyAnimeLists. Personally, I thought the Anime was really neat, I loved Chitoge.. But then everything changed when I read the Manga.

I thought the concept was really cool, different girls with different keys to a lock that’ll contain who was really meant for the main protagonist. Sweet, cool. Pretty typical. When you hear this you think “Oh boy, it’s just another Harem..” and you’re right it really is just another Harem, a Harem that was overhyped.

Like any Anime fan, after I watched the Anime. I went straight to the Manga because I wanted to read more, I wanted to know more of the story and I wanted to know who had the key to the lock. (No spoilers will be exposed on this blog). So I did, I went and read the Manga, kept up-to-date whenever I knew chapter came out.

But then I realized, each chapter as the story went on had fewer and fewer pages, telling less of the story. In fact, towards the end of the Manga, I felt as if they were intentionally putting fillers in the MANGA! WHAT? REALLY?! Yeah, it sure felt that way and it really killed my interest in the Anime. To add onto the pain, the story no longer was about finding who had the proper key to the lock but filling the fan service of the Anime. It completely fell off the storyline to fulfill the needs of fan service, which I thought was dumb. Then they tried to add a ‘romantic’ element towards the later stages of the Manga, which failed miserably.

However, enough about the Manga, let’s talk about the second season. The second season like the first season had high expectations that doomed the Anime. I thought the second season was terrible and ruined the good that came with the first season. Not only did the second season progress slower but it also left our key parts that were in the Manga! To top it all off, the second season was only focused on the Harem and not the story. As a person who personally read the Manga, I thought the second season was a disappointment.

All that being said though, I still enjoyed the Anime, even though it didn’t live up to the expectations and the story wasn’t all that great when you really think about it. It went from something with the potential to a pile of poop, does it suck? I think it kind of does.