Konobi |Worth Watching?

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!, or Konobi for short, aired in the Summer Season of 2016 and in my eyes was one of the better Comedy Anime of 2016. With just under 100k people knowing of this Anime, it’s safe to say it isn’t underrated nor is it considered a well-known Anime. It’s somewhere in-between and is an Anime that I believe exceeded its own expectations. But today’s question is, is Konobi worth watching? Today, we’ll figure it out!

Episode Count: 13

MyAnimeList Synopsis:
“Mizuki Usami is a passionate member of her school’s art club, but the club has a problem—Usami is the only member who takes her craft seriously! The lazy club president constantly sleeps through activities and Collette hasn’t regularly attended club activities in quite some time. Uchimaki Subaru, despite being an exceptional artist who could win an award if he tried, is obsessed with drawing the perfect 2D wife.

Light-hearted and comedic in tone, Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! follows Usami as she struggles to do art club-like activities, often obstructed by her motley crew of good-for-nothings and her distracting crush on Subaru.”

The art was really pleasing to the eye. Compared to the other Anime that aired during the summer season of 2016, the art itself I thought was better than the majority of the Anime. Everything was beautifully designed and showed that the studio knew how to create art for the Anime. The art was really smooth and very colourful. Rating: 8/10

The intro is really, really good; I even have it on my phone because it’s so good. The insert sounds in the Anime really fit and also really fit the situations/key moments they were playing at. Whether that be serious or funny moments, the different sounds in the Anime really meshed well with each other. Also, the outro was something of lighthearted nature, very pleasant to listen to and really worked at setting the tone of the Anime and future episodes. It really tied the Anime together. Rating: 7/10

Character Design
Now the character design was different, never ever have I seen a clash of personalities before when it came to Anime.  And to say the least, it was a big cluster. There were different personalities coming from all angles, you had the comedic character, the otaku character, the shy fan service character, the serious character and a teen who looked like a loli. It was just this huge cluster and was really hard to keep up with, I didn’t think the Anime did I good job at making each character work, but I didn’t think it really took away from the Anime. Rating: 6.5/10

Finally, we get to down to the story. Is there really a story to this Anime? Not really. I mean, there is a story kind of, but at the same time, it isn’t actually there. The reason, why I say that is because there are two stories that only apply to the two protagonists, only towards the end, does it really start to merge into one grand story. But to make up for the lack of story, it excels in comedy. The comedy alone is what makes the Anime so enjoyable to watch.

If you’re ever wanted to laugh, then I suggest watching this Anime because it does exactly that, it makes you laugh. It sure made me laugh and is an Anime I really like because of it, Konobi is definitely one of my favourite Comedy Anime, to date.
Rating: 6.5/10

Worth Watching?
100% yes, I do think it’s worth the watch. It’s a really good Anime with really good strengths and does really well at keeping the viewer entertained. I definitely suggest this to all people!

Stamp of Approval Earned,
– OOCentral