Guilty Crown | Does it Suck?

Today we talk about Guilty Crown. The Anime aired during the fall of 2011 and was given the highest of expectations, with just over 500k people having this Anime on MAL there is no question that this Anime was popular.

However, many viewers of the Anime only remember this Anime, for one thing, the ending. The ending that doomed the Anime, to say the least, the ending was terrible. Not just the ending was bad, but the whole second half to the Anime, from that point on you, see the dip in quality which ultimately doomed the Anime. Today we look into why an Anime that started off so well fall into the pit of no return, it’s time to answer the age old question, does it suck?

Episode Count: 22

MyAnimeList Synopsis
“Japan, 2039. Ten years after the outbreak of the “Apocalypse Virus,” an event solemnly regarded as “Lost Christmas,” the once proud nation has fallen under the rule of the GHQ, an independent military force dedicated to restoring order. Funeral Parlor, a guerilla group led by the infamous Gai Tsutsugami, act as freedom fighters, offering the only resistance to GHQ’s cruel despotism.

Inori Yuzuriha, a key member of Funeral Parlor, runs into the weak and unsociable Shuu Ouma during a crucial operation, which results in him obtaining the “Power of Kings”—an ability which allows the wielder to draw out the manifestations of an individual’s personality, or “voids.” Now an unwilling participant in the struggle against GHQ, Shuu must learn to control his newfound power if he is to help take back Japan once and for all.

Guilty Crown follows the action-packed story of a young high school student who is dragged into a war, possessing an ability that will help him uncover the secrets of the GHQ, Funeral Parlor, and Lost Christmas. However, he will soon learn that the truth comes at a far greater price than he could have ever imagined.”

Does it suck?
I thought the second half really sucked, I really did. This is a problem that all really popular Anime face really. When an Anime is so popular that the studios decide to speed up production and force the episodes, cut as many corners as they can in hopes of making a return from the hype around the Anime.

Boy was that really evident in the Anime. During the second half of the Anime, the studio decided to bring back a character that ‘died’ with other supporting characters. Which I thought was stupid because the supporting characters that died, actually died while the one who came back didn’t. On top of all this, they made the protagonist turn into a hardcore antagonist, killing the whole vibe of the Anime and I believe was a move they shouldn’t have made.

I thought instead of taking that route, they should have taken more on the approach of “I’ll harness this anger and turn it into good” instead of making a whole crap storm right after it. Did the studios think that? They probably didn’t. They took an Anime with a promising story and turned it into an Anime with the sole purpose to see both antagonists fight it out over a girl, pretty lame story.

Now wait for it, let’s talking about that ending. It was the crappiest end of an Anime I’ve ever seen (And I’ve seen a lot of crap endings). After Shu (Protagonist turned antagonist) defeated Guy (Who was the antagonist who supposedly didn’t die), he was able to save the girl who protected her and who he fell in love with (Awh how cute!). SIKE, to save the world from getting destroyed by crystals, Shu the so-called ‘Void King’ sacrifices himself to save the world.

Awesome great, amazing ending right? AHA! SIKE AGAIN. He didn’t sacrifice himself, the so-called king meets the girl whom he saved (her name is Inori) in the void dimension where she asks if he can accept the cat’s cradle she had formed in between her fingers. He did, but Inori takes his place?! and sacrifices herself to save the world?! Even though she can’t do that because she isn’t the ‘Void King’? So how could she save the world? Oh.. Yeah.. the studio made it possible because they made the cat cradle the end all, be all, overpowering the so-called ‘Void King’.

So in the end, after Inori dies, Shu being the ‘Void King’ sucks up all the surrounding crystals including Inori somehow into his body (Don’t ask me how he does it, apparently he can suck up crystallized humans and such). Which means… Shu saved the world? But I thought Inori did? HAHAHA SIIIKKKE.

You later find out Inori sacrificed herself to save Shu, when Shu had the full capability to save himself, the world, and the girl. A pretty stupid ending, so Inori dies to save Shu, but Shu who ultimately saves the world in the end only loses his sight and his arm. Seems legit. A pretty terrible ending, thank you come again. Please come up with a better ending, please.

So does it suck? Yeah, it totally does.