Random Update | Let’s talk

Hey there, OOCentral here and today I wanted to give you guys, my readers an update 🙂

For starters, I’d like to say hello to all my new followers; likers; and readers! It’s my pleasure to having you all follow me and read my stuff. It certainly does mean a lot to me.

As you guys may or may not be able to tell, I kind of have a schedule going on. But if you didn’t know it looks something like this:

I publish blogs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturdays; around 3:00 pm EST.

I personally think this schedule works for me and is something I do intend to maintain for the time being anyway.

Social Media Update
Twitter News

If you guys didn’t know I do have a twitter @OOCentral I do post little updates and such on there, it is also a good place where you the reader can interact with me 🙂

I will be using my blog here as the place where I will be posting ‘bigger updates’ to the brand that is Otaku Central (OOCentral).

Youtube News
Also if you guys didn’t know, I have a Youtube channel! It’s something my website does not link to but it will be (It should be up now). I decided to upload some content on there, well it’s just me playing Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Storm 4. Do check it out! As you can see I used to do Anime Tops but then I stopped because I couldn’t keep up with the work load I was putting on myself.

I do plan to kick start that once again, but with a new style. Instead of my creating a list of Anime, I will only be talking about one Anime, once a week (Is what I would like to do anyway).

I am not sure if that’s what I will ultimately do though. What may end up happening is that I’ll post one week worth of video game content, followed by an Anime review. Then I’ll probably wait a few weeks before starting up the video uploads again.

For me personally, it’s all about keeping my balance with blogging and Youtube shenanigans. If you haven’t already do subscribe to my channel, or give it a look 🙂

FanFic News
I currently have a severe writer’s block. It usually happens when I run out of gas and burn myself out. Do not worry though, I am still working on my fanfics and will hopefully have a chapter ready to be published. If you haven’t already given some of my stuff a read or just check it out!

Miscellaneous News
I’m sure you guys do not know, but I do have a donation link! It’s through Paypal and it is linked on the front of my page, beside all my other links to social media. If you’re willing to donate then feel free to do so 🙂

It doesn’t matter to me if you do not donate at all or just donate cents. It’s there if you would like to donate, maybe who knows, if I somehow obtain this bigger following in the near future. I could maybe use the donations to update this website and maintain it. My hope is to one day turn all my passions into a career, so donating is one step that will one day allow me to do that.

I know monetizing this blog/website would not be ideal nowadays because everyone has Adblock, so a work around to that is either donating through PayPal or eventually through a Patreon that I am currently working on. Only time will tell what happens!

Thank you so much again for reading through this update, if you did manage to get through it! Do give all the links today a check, it’ll definitely mean the world to me. Thank you all so much for reading my stuff 🙂

– OOCentral