Seitokai Yakuindomo | Best Inapporiate Comedy?

CAUTION: This Anime is rated R, if you’re under the age of 17 be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. However… This was made in Japan so God knows what rated R means there. (Just kidding, I love Japan and I have plans to travel there within 5 years #NoHate) But seriously, viewer discretion is advised. 

Seitokai Yakuindomo is an Anime that originally aired in the Summer Season of 2010, later airing for a second season the Winter Season of 2013. Now before we begin everyone, I need to tell you all something. Like the title today, we’ll be discussing whether or not this is the best Inappropriate Comedy Anime out there today.

Episode Count: 13
Second Season: 13

CAUTION: This Anime is inappropriate in nature, you have to be wearing some big boy or girl pants if you want to watch it.

Now that you have read my warning, let’s get started shall we?

MyAnimeList Synopsis:
“On his first day of high school at the formerly all-girl’s Ousai Private Academy, Takatoshi Tsuda is called out for his untidy uniform by the student council president Shino Amakusa. In apology for delaying Takatoshi for his first class—and stating that the group needs a male point of view to accommodate the arrival of boys at the school—Shino offers him the position of vice president of the student council. Though unwilling, Takatoshi finds himself appointed as the newest member of the student council having yet to even step foot inside the school building.

Takatoshi soon realizes that the other student council members who are more than a little strange: President Shino, who is studious and serious in appearance, but actually a huge pervert, fascinated with the erotic and constantly making lewd jokes; the secretary Aria Shichijou, who may seem like a typical sheltered rich girl, but is just as risque as the president, if not more so; and finally, the treasurer Suzu Hagimura, who may act fairly normal, but has the body of an elementary school student and is extremely self-conscious of it. Surrounded by these colorful characters, the new vice president must now work through a nonstop assault of sexual humor and insanity.”

What makes this Anime inappropriate? 
So basically the storyline is this, for the longest time Ousai Private Academy was an all girl school. Which means, all girls (including the Presidential Council) don’t know how a normal male person works (physically and mentally).

And if you didn’t guess it already, all the girls who are a part of the Council are somehow apparently all pervy people. The story is pretty much you follow Takatoshi as he ventures High School somehow finding his way into erotic instances with members of the Presidential Cabinet.

Also, I could talk more about the Anime but I thought I would switch it up and place a ton of gifs of actual scenes in the Anime.

(You can click on the gif to get a close up!)

Yeah. It’s a crazy Anime. So, do I think Seitokai Yakuindomo is the most inappropriate Comedy Anime? Heck yeah, I do! Compiling all these gifs made me realize how funny this Anime actually was. I’m probably going to re-watch the Anime again and I think you should give it a watch too.

Stamp of Approval Earned,
– OOCentral

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