Why hello once again people!

Website Updates

Many things have changed. If you haven’t noticed my website went under a little bit of a modification in the past few hours. I have updated my website plan! Meaning I am now paying to maintain this website.

That being said, I know ads are not a fun thing to look at, but it’s the only way I can maintain this website. So please if you’re so kind please turn off your adblock, it’ll definitely help out!

If you don’t want to but still want to support me, I do have a Paypal and Patreon. Both can be found under ‘About me’.

Paypal: https://www.Paypal.me/OOCentral
Patreon: https://www.Patreon.com/OOCentral

I also have a merch store! Thought I’d promote that too ;3
Merch: https://www.teespring.com/store/oocentrals-store

Misc Updates

Along with the new website layout, comes a new domain! The new domain as many of you guessed it, will be oocentral.ca (It is in the process of being made right now).

It also brings with it a re-branding! On my facebook, twitter, patreon and youtube channel. I’ve re-branded all my banners to look similar to one another and I’ve made my youtube look more professional with thumbnails!

Let me know what you think! That is all I have for now anyway, thanks for all the support!

– OOCentral