Plastic Memories | Why it sucks

Plastic Memories is an Anime that were one of the overly hyped Anime of 2015. Many people expecting a lot from this Anime that aired during the Spring Season. Garnering a rating of 7.97, it was known to just over 275k people according to MyAnimeList.

Despite the rating, many people had mixed view of the Anime (Myself included). Some even compared Plastic Memories to that of Sword Art Online (SAO) – when it comes to how ‘terrible’ its story is.

Now, just so everyone knows I will be telling you why I think Plastic Memories sucks, sorry if you like the Anime.

MyAnimelist Synopsis
“Eighteen-year-old Tsukasa Mizugaki has failed his college entrance exams, but after pulling some strings, he manages to land a job at the Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation. SAI Corp is responsible for the creation of “Giftias”—highly advanced androids which are almost indiscernible from normal humans. However, unlike humans, Giftias have a maximum lifespan of 81,920 hours, or around nine years and four months. Terminal Service One, the station Tsukasa was assigned to, is responsible for collecting Giftias that have met their expiration date, before they lose their memories and become hostile.

Promptly after joining Terminal Service One, Tsukasa is partnered with a beautiful Giftia named Isla. She is a Terminal Service veteran and considered the best in Giftia retrievals, contrary to her petite figure and placid nature. Time is fleeting though, and Tsukasa must come to terms with his feelings for Isla before her time is up. No matter how much someone desires it, nothing lasts forever.”

Why It Sucks.
Like many of the people who saw this Anime witnessed the beginning TWO episodes, episodes that I thought were beautiful and very emotional. If you ever saw the first two episodes it would have made you tear up, you felt the feels ;-;

HOWEVER. That is the problem, after releasing two beautifully storied episodes. The Anime as a whole sunk quickly, because it was not able to top its beginning episodes. What I believe defines an Anime are the first few episodes because they set the overall feel of the Anime, most people by the end of the first episode know whether it’s worth watching. Others decide by the third episode, all depending on the person of course.

When you set the bar so high, but you cannot surpass it, it’ll always fail. If you don’t know what this Anime is about, I think you should watch the Anime and you’ll know what I mean.

After seeing those two episodes, I had really high expectations. I thought to myself “Wow, I hope all the episodes are like these” mainly because I thought it had the potential to be one of the better drama Anime out there. So I continued watching and as I continued watching I got extremely bored of the Anime because it didn’t meet my expectations. In my opinion, it also took on the normal cliche of two main characters who didn’t really know of each other fall in love towards the end.

It more or less became a Slice of Life Anime for me and since I’ve seen tons of those already – I wasn’t impressed. The task of collecting Giftias that have met their expiration date, became lighthearted, to say the least, there was this playful aspect to it even though it was meant to be emotional.

But it does kind of get back on track, once it dips into the emotional, drama aspect between the two main protagonists. Something I will not spoil just in case you may want to watch Plastic Memories. Which I did like in the end because it gave me the feels, something I expect in an Anime labeled as a drama. It really sticks it to you, nothing is meant to last forever, hence why the Anime is called Plastic Memories. #DEEP

So does this Anime suck? For the expectations I had for it, I believe it did suck for the most part. However, in your eyes, it may differ. I mean, I still liked the Anime though, the ending really made up for it which is why on MAL I rated it a 7. How the ending plays out always affects how I score an Anime on MyAnimeList. Always.

– OOCentral

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  1. I can see why the change in tone would not be to your liking. For me the show was good. Overly depressing stuff can be a turn off so I appreciated how the comedy balanced out the occasional teary episode.

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