Addicted to WGM | Random Things

hi hi hi, OOCentral here. Thought I’d post a random post, because why not.

As of recently, I’ve been into a show called ‘WGM’ or ‘We got married’. It’s a Korean variety show, where they take celebrities and have them experience a ‘virtual’ marriage with each other.

If you have seen the show, then you may have heard about the show being ‘scripted’ and such, which may be true – I certainly don’t feel that way.

I personally think that the feelings and how each couple reacted to each other were sincere and genuine – I really do.

So far, I’m currently watching two couples: Sungjae and Joy, and Namkoong Min and Hong Jin-young. They are my favourite couples! I got into the show because I was bored about a week ago and so I was listening to kpop in particular SISTAR – my favourite kpop girl group.

When I saw on the sidebar it recommending me to watch a little video from WGM, it was with Sungjae and Joy. I watched it and fell in love with the show itself and the mission began, to watch the couples I ship the hardest (Which are the ones I’m currently watching).

This was one of the ‘moments’ I saw on Youtube, I watched them all and now I’m watching the series. As of right now, I have watched 37 episodes out of 40.

This is also the other couple I’m watchin’ too. Literally started this series once I finished episode 37 of the other couple. I am now sitting at 39 episodes view out of 49.

This is what I have been doing these few weeks/days, I’ve been watching this show.. Sorry if blog posts don’t come out on time, it’s because I’m watching my favourite Korean show.