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Heyo, welcome to another blog. Today I talk to you about my favourite Gundam Series from the Gundam Franchise, Gundam SEED.

We all grew up in different years, watching different Anime. It’s almost certain that your generation of Gundam will be different from another person who grew up with a different Gundam series.

For me, I grew up watching Gundam SEED, in fact, it is the first ever Anime I’ve ever watched as a little kid. Back when YTV (a Canadian channel), had a segment called ‘YTV after hours’, where they would show all different kinds of Anime. Ranging from bleach, Naruto, the original Dragon Ball series, One Piece and of course, Gundam SEED.

I especially remember Gundam SEED because one time, I was up extremely late, something a person in Grade 1 or 2 shouldn’t be doing but I did. I know this off by heart because Gundam SEED had a time slot of 10-11pm EST. It was the weekend so me staying up was reasonable.

My mother also had a friend over, so me going to sleep wasn’t going to happen because my mother’s friend son was there too and so I stayed up with him.

When we flipped to YTV and this show was on, it was the scene when Kira Yamato came down and protected the Archangel from being blown up. it was also the scene where he showed off his epic new Gundam the Freedom. That scene captivated me and was what got me to fall in love with Anime – in particular with the Gundam Franchise.

That’s all I remember though, mainly because I remember Anime took a backseat for a while and I totally forgot about Gundam SEED. Until one day, when I went to my friend’s house who is like me and loves Anime. We were downstairs playing Brothers Smash when we paused because of dinner time.

We started to listen to old Anime intros, from different Anime that he and I have seen. This was when Gangnam style, was going viral. When Gundam SEED jumped into my head, but I couldn’t recall the title so I described it to my friend I literally asked: “You know that robot Anime where they fought? It was something SEED.”

Then I took his WiiU and searched ‘Gangnam SEED’ and the rest is history. From that moment on I rediscovered the show that got me into Anime. That same summer, I spent the whole Summer watching both Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny. As of today, I am the owner of two Gundams from the series, The Strike Freedom, and the Justice.

Not to mention, as this is a bias towards Gundam SEED. I think SEED has the best soundtrack, intro/outro/insert songs, I also think it has the best characters too. My first wifu is Lacus Clyne, she is still my wifu, she is just one of many.

This post may not explain why I think Gundam SEED is the best Gundam series. However, in my opinion, I think it’s up to the person and their preference on which Gundam series is the best. For me, Gundam SEED is the best Gundam series and is the turning for all the other Gundam series’ that came after it.


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      1. I would be so happy to see all those anime TV shows and anime movies to come back for sure. But as you can see, YTV is turning out to be the stupidest TV channel on Earth. Teletoon too. They forgot all about for what they did in the glory days. Especially the anime that they did. Those two TV channels today are bullshit.

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