Nam Goong Min | My new man crush

Many of you don’t know, but I’ve been on this crazy Kdrama surge as of recently. Rather, I’ve been on this whole Korean surge…

Like every person from a foreign country, it starts with its music, then progressed into its TV shows and now dramas. I’ve had a lot of friends who pressed me to watch different Kdramas over the years, but I only really started it now.

It all started with a show called We got Married, I did a blog post about it recently. In the post, I talked about Nam Gong Min, who in South Korea, is an actor. I was curious about the different Dramas he was in on Youtube and looked at all the different dramas here appeared in – and damn is this guy really good.

He plays a villain in the drama Remember. War of the Son where he goes around killing people just because they provoke him. (Will only say that because I don’t want to give spoilers). He also plays an extremely happy guy in Good Manager, again, I will not spoil.

However, the one Kdrama that pulled me in, into liking Nam Goong Min, what turned me into his admirer and ultimately him being my man crush, was his cameo in The Doctor. Where he places a struggling single father trying to pay for his two sons medical bills. I do not want to spoil that part for ya’ll just in case, but it’s from episode 13 – 14 if you want to see it.

The acting was so moving and emotional, it gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eye. It was absolutely amazing. I’ll leave a few clips down below so you guys can check out some of his actings!

NOTE! The clips you’re about to see are from Remember. War of the Son. Where Nam Goong Min plays a villain. There is one with mature content, you have been warned.