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Beyond the boundary or Kyoukai no Kanata, is an Anime that I love dearly. It is one of my favourite Animes ever. Today, I’d like to take the liberty and explain to everyone why Kyoukai no Kanata is one of my favourites.

In case you guys haven’t heard of this Anime before, it aired during the fall of 2013 and is 12 episodes long. It touches these three genres, Slice of life; Supernatural, and Fantasy. It also is known to 450k people and is currently sitting at a mild 7.88 rating.

Story: 8
The story of Kyoukai no Kanata is about protagonists Kuriyama Mirai and Kanbara Akihito. Students in high school, both extraordinary in different ways. Mirai is the only living member of the ‘cursed’ spirit world warrior clan that is able to manipulate blood. Akihito is a half-youmu, half-human, making him immortal. The story revolves around these two and their adventures, and the even mysterious “Kyoukai no Kanata” or “Beyond the Boundary”. Kyoto Animation deemed this anime as a “slice of life” but I think it is anything but. Setting aside the filler episode, episode 6, Kyoukai no Kanata very much has a plot that is driven forward through the whole series. The plot is never really slow, and is intriguing with each episode. Kyoukai no Kanata has many different subject matter and themes that get your brain thinking.

Art: 9.5
Kyoto Animation has always been known for their beautiful, flawless animation and character design. None of this is forgotten in Kyoukai no Kanata. The atmosphere is set beautifully, each character’s movement fluid and realistic. Battle scenes are works of art. There is never a time during the series where I questioned the animator’s abilities.

                                                           (Woo to the GIF middle!)
Sound: 7
I am not one to pay attention much to soundtracks,. but I must say that the soundtrack work in Kyoukai no Kanata fit with the mood. The OST is well suited for the scenes they are played during, and add to the atmosphere of the scene. As well, the voice actors are always on par, and portray each character distinctly, with the correct feelings and dramatization.

Character: 8
For a 12 episode anime, I believe the main characters are developed fairly well. Mirai Kuriyama, first of all, portrays as a sweet heart in the beginning. She is a cutie with bubble gum pink hair and red rimmed glasses. Over the series, I was delighted to see depth put into her character, and she was ultimately likable. She is not the kind of protagonist that sits around and waits for things to happen. She does not rely on other people for help, and ultimately is strong on her own. Kanbara Akihito has his quirks. And it’s interesting to see these little quirks in action. He has a thing for glasses, often calling Mirai a “megane bishoujo” (bespectacled beauty). As for the other characters, each had distinctions that make them different from each other. For a time frame of 12 episodes, each character gets a relative amount of screen time suitable to their role.

What sold me on this Anime, was not only was the art just fantastic when it came to the fight scenes, but it also gave me one of my many waifus in Mirai – she’s the best.

Another selling factor for me was the story and how it played out, I really enjoyed watching it. Each episode was really unique in their own way and it definitely provided every 23 minutes. To tie it all together, the final episode of this Anime made me love it even more. I thought it was a really good end to an Anime as popular as this one was. It definitely statisfied me.

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