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What if the male protagonist was a tired and lazy high schooler, that literally did nothing all day long? Look no further, Tanaka-kun is the Anime for you!

Never in my life, have I ever thought that I would see a character as lazy as Tanaka-kun. This certainly was a very chill Anime during its airtime and today I will tell you why.

Before we get started, let’s give you a quick overview. Tanaka-kun is a relatively ‘new’ Anime, it aired during the Spring of 2016, with a total of 13 episodes, Tanaka-kun is sitting at a nice 8.06 rating. Most importantly, it touches the genres of Slice of Life, Comedy, and School

Story 6/10:
I can’t say there is much of a story in this anime. But all I can say is that Tanaka, being the person he is, spends his ordinary high school life being listness. (I know that may sound boring, but bear with me.) But anyways, along with his listlessness, the people who are around him make his life interesting which is worth the watch!

Art 8/10:
I can’t say too much about the art. As the source of this anime came from a 4-koma manga, I expected worse. But, I can say the art presented in this anime was fun to look at since this was made by Silver Link., the ones who made Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu and Kokoro Connect. Everything was really well drawn and what I really enjoyed was the calmness and playful vibes the art itself gave me.

Sound 9/10:
Let’s start off that the opening going into this anime is extremely catchy. Definitely pleasant to the ears as we get a break from ‘heavy metal’ or ‘Jpop’ which we encounter from every other anime (generally speaking). The soundtrack and the ending song to this anime can be said as well.

Characters 7/10:
If there were two words to describe this character’s lineup, bizarre and quirky. these are one of its strong points and is what makes this anime great. The reason behind it is because each character had each of it’s peculiar personalities which made this show so fun to watch. Each character, in my opinion, determines how the show’s value or what not.

But however, I have never seen a character like Tanaka-kun and his ‘listlessness’. Even though he is a whole new concept of character I’ve never seen before. Oddly enough, with his personality in touch, his character is humorous as it is. I can’t say he’s a fascinating of a character, but his quirks is enough to make me enjoy the show. The people who surround him on a daily basis make this show particularly interesting! 

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