Welcome to another Update!

Hi, my name is OOCentral, pleased to meet you. To all my new followers, I’d like to say thank you for your support :3

Now lets on with the little update.

Blog Update
Those who have followed me for a long time may have noticed that I haven’t been posting at my usual time of 3:00pm EST (#Canadian). That is because as a full-time student, the time I spend on the computer is usually spent doing homework, or anything school related.

Which is why a lot of my posts recently, have been after 6:00pm EST. I used to have a lot of blogs scheduled for the longest time, and I just let everything sit and allowed WordPress to release my blogs when they were supposed to be released (Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 3pm).

Now that my backlog of blogs has since then, vanished. I’m now stuck spending the later hours of my day, coming up for blog posts to make sure I have something out on those days. So… That being said, it’ll probably be like that. I will not have a set time of when a blog will come out, but I will make sure it’ll happen the day of.

You can blame my recent binge watch of Korean shows and my obsessions with kpop groups. Dang Koreans, why you so perfect.

Misc Updates
Welcome to the misc, where I talk about other things not related to other things! If you haven’t already be sure to follow my twitter and/or Instagram at:

T: @OOCentral
IG: theoocentral

I tend to post more on twitter because it’s more convenient, but anyway please do follow and such. I will be giving more of the update kind of things relating to my blog on twitter so please go follow! Instagram, obviously is only for taking pictures of meh life.

Hi hi, so uh. Blogs. I thought I’d let you guys know, my blog style and own domain are for ‘premium’ users. Which means I do pay to keep my own domain and to use the style I am currently using. Every year, I have to pay close to $130 CDN to maintain my website. Just wanted to make it known, that I do try to link to a Paypal link to where you can donate $1, all of which will go to maintaining the website.

Or you can become a Patron, through my Patreon which can be found if you click this link. I don’t like advertising that often because I think donating through Paypal is more convenient for you guys.

Thanks guys, I’ll talk to you all next time 😉