GJ-bu | Worth Watching?

Hello and welcome back! Today we’re going to be looking at Gj-bu, an Anime known to me for it’s laid back feel.  More importantly, is the Anime worth watching? Good question, hopefully, my own review will help ya decide!

Before we begin, like always, it’s time that I give you a rundown of Gj-bu. Airing in the fall of 2013, for a total of 12 episodes. It amassed a following of just under 100k people and is currently sitting at a 7.45 rating. Not bad for an Anime that touches the genres of Comedy, School and of course, your slice of Life.

Story (7/10):
Gj-bu, has an immense similarity to it. The story of Gj-bu is nothing special or new in the anime world. To put it simply, it’s about the daily “club activities” of the Gj club, a club that apparently, everyone in the school avoids for some odd reason. The characters generally spend most of their time in their little club room world, and rarely leave the club room.

Though everything takes place in the club room, the show is heavily relying on the character interactions, and it excels at it at that, there’s no need for them to really leave in the first place. The comedy that this show is probably known for is created and harvested from their activities and random acts of wackiness, and therefore, we have this formula of (characters + activity = comedy) which turns out to work out VERY well for this anime. While I won’t say that this anime deserves any plot originality by any means, Gj-bu is pretty damn enjoyable.

Characters (9/10):
Characters are where a slice of life really shines in. This particular anime shines extremely brightly on the slice of life spectrum in the character category. While the troupes of characters aren’t necessarily original, (weight complex, very smart with low common sense, short tsundere) the anime does well in trying to set them apart from their normal roots.

They all have a very unique twist that adds to the whole atmosphere to the show. I found all of these characters quite funny and extremely likable.


Art (7/10):
The art in this anime is a very interesting mix. On one hand, we have the normal animation, which is this really strange half-chibi mix where the characters sort of look chibi, but they’re not. The other one is a straight-up chibi art style that makes everyone a chibi. Kind of weird considering that there are scenes where the tallest person in the room and the shortest person in the room are the same height due to chibi logic.

Regardless, the animation does work really well for this anime, adding more to its comedic aspect, making it more joyful and overall, really fun to watch. It has very light colors and a decent looking background, as well as distinct hair colors for every character so you know exactly who is who. 

Sound (7/10):
I really enjoyed the intro and outro to the Anime, makes the Anime really lively and adds to the already fun nature each character brings. The sounds used in the Anime, don’t hinder the Anime in any way, like some other Anime. It definitely benefits the Anime, which is always really nice.

Now is the Anime worth watching?

I mean, I think it is. If I didn’t think it was worth watching, then I wouldn’t be giving you my own review on the Anime, now wouldn’t I? Like always, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth watching since I know many people have grown old of the Slice of Life genre. So it may not be what you’re into, nevertheless, you should give it a look!

– OOCentral

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