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Sakura Trick| Best Yuri?

Oh yes, an Anime labeled as a Yuri. Not Yuri on Ice, that isn’t actually a Yuri, but an actual YURI. WOAH. Before we begin, this Anime can get very inappropriate depending on what you deem is ‘too much’.

Despite that, however, I personally enjoyed the Anime. I thought it was a really good lighthearted Yuri (If a yuri anime can be deemed ‘lighthearted’ that is). This is also the only Yuri I’ve ever seen, so I am kind of right when I tell you this, I think this is the best Yuri ever.

(Gonna keep this review short, because lowkey, I feel weird reviewing a Yuri).

Story 7/10
There’s no story but I will try to explain. The plot is simple it’s about a few students in an ALL GIRL school. Who all coincidently happen to be childhood friends with one another. Like all high school students, these students want to experience affection, but being in an all-girl school, they cannot experience that affection with that of the opposite gender. So, they end up finding that affection, through their childhood friends.

Not much else happens really. The better half of this Anime turns into a Slice of Life, the couples go about their lives with their partners. Experiencing all the joys of a normal high schooler, but with a female lover and with their school about to close in three years. If you’re into a lot of girls kissing, then I’ll have you know, there are tons of that in this Anime.

Art 8/10
Oddly enough, the animations were very good. Everything was really bright and well drawn. Everything just seemed extremely smooth, everything was just pleasing to the eye. My favourite part of the animation was how the sakura tree petals fell during the Anime, it was really pleasant. 

Sound 7/10
The background music was very good, it added to the overall feel to the Anime. It made it feel like they were normal students, going to a normal school. It really helped normalize this Anime, whose main objective was to focus a lot on the Yuri aspects.

I also really enjoyed the opening and outro. The opening is one of the select few actually sung by the voice actors to the Anime, which is always nice to see in my opinion. A+ on that! Both songs were really upbeat, had the potential to have you bounce up and down in your chair. It also didn’t really hinder the Anime, the only time when I think it could ‘hinder’ the Anime is if you listen to the opening on repeat.

Which is something I unfortunately did…

Character 8/10
The characters were interesting from the beginning, they’re likable and by the end of the Anime, each character’s development in a span of 12 episodes, is surprisingly really well done. You see the feelings they have for one another grow, from not only a friendship point of view, but also from a romantic point of view. 

The various couples in the Anime, only complement their counterparts. There was never that out-of-place couple, that you thought didn’t work. For example, like in Naruto, the couple of Sakura and Sasuke absolutely doesn’t work in my opinion. In the Anime, you don’t see an instance of that, rather, you see the couple that falls in line with Naruto and Hinata. Overall, really likable characters, if you’re one for character development, then I think you should take a peek at this Anime.

Alright cool! This concludes my review on Sakura Trick, an Anime that I do hold dear to my heart. Not for the Yuri aspect but because I genuinely thought that this was a good Anime. The cuteness factor really made me like this Anime.

Obviously, this Anime isn’t for everyone, but those who are bold and daring, then give this Anime a watch. It’s definitely I refreshing Anime. Since the majority of Anime now are action Anime.

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