The Kpop Addiction

Hi there! I decided to break away from my typical Anime reviews today, to talk to tell you guys about what I’ve been up to recently.

Apart from being a full-time student and the grind that comes with that title, when I go about my day I listen to my addiction, Kpop. As many of you already know, from my other little blurbs about South Korea and the many joys I’ve found from it, Kpop is one that overtakes all.

You see, as a guy who for the longest time, listened to majority Jpop, because of Anime. (Hence, why I made my blog, because of Anime). I’ll have to admit, listening to Jpop over and over again got.. boring? It is because of that ‘boring’ factor, that I’ve gotten burnt out watching Anime (Mostly because I don’t have time to).

So to fill that void of no animation or Anime music, I found Kpop, and I haven’t looked back. I fell in love with music. I’m sorry Japan.

This Kpop addiction started with SISTAR, a group of 4 girls, who disbanded this year (unfortunately). They are the driving force to my Kpop love. These are my lovely ladies 🙂


My favourite person from this group is Bora. She’s the girl being hugged btw.

Then SISTAR turned into AOA, another girl group.


Then finally, AOA turned into the one Kpop group I am most obsessed with… TWICE.


My Idol crush is 100% without a doubt, Momo. She’s the second last girl on the right.

I have many more favourites, like BIG BANG and EXO. Which are both boy Kpop groups, but being a guy myself, I rather not talk about the guy groups.

I have the majority of the songs from each of the Kpop groups. But because I love SISTAR and TWICE above all, I have more of their songs, more so TWICE… Because Momo is bae.

This is my addiction, the one thing I’ve been obsessed with for ages. It is also why I now want to travel to South Korea too.

Just so you know, Saturday’s post may also be something relating to Kpop. Just a heads up!

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  1. Yess I’m so in love with Kpop !!! I actually just made a post about my opinion about it.For me my favourite groups are BTS and Blackpink , Hyuna etc.

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