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3-gatsu no Lion | My favourite Anime of 2016.

HI! Sorry I missed, totally didn’t forget…

But anyway, this is one Anime I’ve been wanting to talk about for the longest time. 3-Gatsu no Lion, an anime that I think was the best Anime of 2016 and is also worthy of a second season (Which it will be having).

I’m not one to brag, but I was already watching this Anime while it had only 90k members on MAL and when it had a rating of 8.05. Now today it sits at a nice 8.34 rating with just over 133k members knowing of the Anime on MAL.

Story 9/10
This show starts extremely slow. It looks like it is going to go nowhere and the description saying that this show is about shogi doesn’t help it one bit. But then comes the actual story which is great. It blends the shogi with the drama in a way that doesn’t seem forced and fits into the story. It honestly made me think about the characters as persons but we will get to that later.

Art 10/10
The art of the source material got adapted great into animation. It leads into an almost perfect mix if not being for some hiccups in the quality in some later episodes. The art is beautiful, it really captivates you and draws your attention because it’s something unique. There were a lot of times when I said “wow” in sheer awe of the beautiful art that this Anime brings, it definitely is refreshing to see.

Sound 8.5/10
Both of the openings are incredible. BUMP CHICKEN and YUKI did a great job with their respective songs “Answer” and “Sayonara Bystander.” Personally, I prefer “Sayonara Bystander” as a song but the animation doesn’t mix properly. “Answer” while not having the same emotional impact as “Sayonara Bystander” it is still a great freaking song that gets you hyped and the animation fully supports it. I also really enjoyed the ambient noises used during the Anime, it all just added to each scene and made certain scenes stick out.

Character 10/10
These are some of the greatest supporting characters. The sisters are incredible by making the story much easier to handle while not falling into a forgettable category. My favorite character goes to the middle sister Hinata since I actually see her as a fully developed character with motivations and dreams. The best part about the sisters is that their lives do not revolve around the main character which is a problem most animes suffer from.

Rei who is the main character is also my favourite character. I loved his journey and all the emotions he experienced throughout the Anime. You go through his growing pains as a teenager living without his biological family, the stress of being considered a ‘prodigy’ of Shogi and having to deal with internal family struggles. What I really loved about this Anime was the character development, it’s really well done and isn’t rushed like other Anime (i.e SAO).


This Anime is certainly one of my favourite Animes, something about it just speaks to me. Somehow I can relate to this Anime and is why I love it so much. I am really happy that this Anime is also getting a second Season, it is definitely deserving of it. All that being said, however, it also means my expectations are high (also because I’m reading the manga).

Not to worry though, as the studio is Shaft, who also made the Monogatari series and Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, hopefully, we will not be disappointed!

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