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Hull once again, I bring to you another Anime review. Due to my inability to bring you one yesterday, I will be making sure that Friday and Saturday will have reviews posted for you.

Today, we’re going to talk about Myself ; Yourself, an Anime that not too many people nowadays know about. Mainly because this Anime was released in the fall season of 2007, making this Anime 10 years old.

Myself ; Yourself, is an Anime I saw way back in 2013 and just only a few days ago did I remember this Anime. So I decided to re-watch it for you guys and give my review!

Story: 7/10
The anime starts with our male protagonist, Sana who has come back to his hometown of Sakuranomori, after leaving it 5 years before for the sake of his parents’ business plans. He is surprised to see that most things have not changed until he meets Yatsushiro Nanaka, one of his best childhood friends when he was younger.

The story here is rather simple. the studio tries to introduce new ideas, however, they do not change much to the story. Basically all they do is reinforce the story to try and make it a little more interesting.

Despite this anime being a drama, it is rather comedic once things loosen up, notably at the beginning of the anime. The drama can be a little predictable, but the producers will always throw something at you to keep you on the edge wanting more. Romance is not as much as a major genre as drama, but it was well fleshed out- though it definitely is not as solid as some other series you can find. The ending is satisfying, though some may be disappointed that certain elements were not taken further at the end.

Art: 9/10
The art probably has to be one of the best for an anime that aired in 2007. Its scenery and characters are very well done, and they fit the personality very well. The art style is very fitting for the overall story because it incorporates a lot of ‘emotion shading’. When the characters are happy, the art is as if it’s happy itself. When the characters are sad/depressed, it’s almost as if the art is feeling that way as well. Character movement was smooth, albeit a little ‘blocky’ during some sections and background movement was just as good. Overall really good for an Anime that aired 10 years ago.

Sound: 7/10
The OP and EDs in Myself ; Yourself aren’t distinctly memorable. After watching the anime, you probably won’t even think anything of it. OSTs were very appropriate for the mood during a scene and blended in very well. Sometimes it worked so well you can’t even tell when it came in.

Characters: 8/10
Not many character problems here, but one annoying thing here is how the writers would reset the relationship between characters whenever there was some ‘turning point’ drama in the story. Each of the cast is likable, even Aoi who is the one who brings most of the comedy to the anime. Nanaka appears to be the most mature in the story and the main heroine.

Her past is where most of the main drama comes out of. Sana is the main protagonist and the story mostly revolves around him and his ability to make decisions. Then you have the boy/girl twin, there’s quite a bit of comedy in the two- but that comedy is mostly because of disagreement between the two. Overall, I think it was a really good selection of characters for what the Anime was.

Is it worth Watching?

Personally, for an Anime as old as this one, I know that many people will turn away from it. But, I do think that this Anime is worth watching, I think it’s always great to see a different ‘style’ of Anime compared to what’s being shown now.

Especially since many Anime nowadays fall more to that typical romantic harem, action, adventure, or play into the fanservice aspect. Give it a look, and decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth watching because for me, I think it is.

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  1. I watched this anime before reading this and it was amazing i love the story of the anime. Also i love how each character is facing a problem well not Aoi. But overall i love the anime and all anime watches should see it.

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