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Today is one of the shorter blogs, mainly because I have to make sure I get one out on Sunday too. Happy Saturday, or Sunday if you’re on the other side of the world!

You may not have seen this Anime before, but I can guarantee you that you have seen a meme (or several) circulating the internet. Woo to you because today we’re going to be chatting about Hyouka, an Anime that I really enjoyed.

I’m not really into Mystery Animes just to put on record, it just never appealed to me. I always thought that Anime that fell under the Mystery genre was ‘slow’. I know that isn’t the case for most Anime that are Mystery Anime.

Luckily for me, good thing I kept to it and continued watching it because I overall thought it was a great Mystery Anime. Today, like every other day, I will be giving you my own review.

Characters 8/10
The characters are nicely portrayed. While in many cases they are also typical members, that we are very familiar with. There is enough a personal quirk from them to not seem boring, rehashed or two-dimensional. While no character (that comes to mind anyway) stands out, I feel the entire cast is well done and very likable and they all interact well with one another. Specifically, Chitanda and Houtarou both of which are being fleshed out nicely, and play off each other very well.

Art 8/10
The art style is simple and clean, using a lot of soft colors. The character designs are nicely done and the show does not have excessive fanservice. The backgrounds are simple but nicely rendered. Overall I am definitely a fan of the art style; it differs enough from standard shows these days to have its own feel, but the style is not especially notable. My favourite animation that is shown in this Anime, was whenever Chi-chan said: “I’m curious!”. The animation that plays whenever she says that is in my opinion, breathtaking.

Story 8/10
The show is a slice of life show, there is a little significant overarching plot. One’s satisfaction with the story really comes down to how compatible they are with a slice of life show. Apart from that, the story revolves around a mystery, in particular, the history around the club that the characters are all in. Which is really interesting because the details used to describe the mystery really pulled you in.

Sound 7/10
The soundtrack is simple and plays well with the scenes. It always enhances the scenes, but is not exactly standout. The OP and ED to the Anime are both something I really enjoyed, I mean, after all, I did like listening to them. However, despite that, as one of many people who watch Anime on a regular basis, there comes a point where the OP and ED sound no different from other Anime, it became normal.

This isn’t to take away from the general feel this Anime gives, what makes the OP and ED stand out from other Anime during its airing, was the animation that went with the OP and ED. It’s beautiful and relaxing to watch because its raindrops hitting puddles giving that ripple effect, something I find really relaxing.

Is this Anime worth watching?

I would definitely say it’s worth watching. It’s different from other Anime, in my opinion. It isn’t cluttered by fight scenes or fanservice. It isn’t filled to the bone with any harem, cheesy romance, or cliches. Hyouka definitely stands out to me as a different Anime, one that is relaxing and refreshing, which is why I believe it’s worth watching.

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  1. I really love the first arc of this show, and the characters are great, but none of the other stories are ever as interesting as that first one. Still, quite a nice show and there are some really adorable moments.

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