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Whenever you see an ‘X’ in the title of any Anime, you think of KissXsis right? Well, I mean I do. It doesn’t really help that it also has ‘Servant’ and ‘Service’ if you know what I mean.

All jokes aside, Servant X Service, is an Anime whose sole purpose is to be a comedy. It is also an Anime that I think is definitely underrated. Servant X Service has just over 94k members on MAL, with a solid rating of 7.76. Today, is the day, like always, where I give you my own review. Let’s get started!

Story 7/10
An anime about work may seem boring at first, but SxS really changes that concept and proves us the opposite. Focusing on an uncommon theme, it shows a bit of civil servants’ routine at an office, with some comedy and even romantic situations.

Three novices at the “Health and Welfare” section are introduced. First episodes aren’t promising at all, but it begins showing its huge potential after some time and everyone’s personal life takes place on some particular episodes.

As this Anime touches the genre of both a Comedy and Slice of Life, I suggest you go in with the expectations of a ‘weak’ story mainly because it’s a comedy and Slice of life Anime don’t typically have a strong story attached to them.

Art 7/10
Overall the art is quite simple in every aspect. Maybe that was supposed to match the mature environment and the adult characters… Suitable. But what caught my attention was the opening. That has to be the most creative sequence I’ve ever seen! All the movement, the nice “real x anime” combination and a lot of references to a “busy day at work” deserves to be praised! Everything is sharp and neat. The colours used are very bright and reflects the playful nature of an Anime labeled as a Comedy.

Sound 8/10
“May I Help You?”, performed by the three main female characters’ voice actresses, introduces each episode with very quick rhythms and lyrics about SxS’ focus: the daily routine of an office employee. “Hachimitsu Tokidoki”, used on credits, represents the end of a business day, as it describes some usual moments of relaxation, like a bath, being performed only by Ai Kayano.

Like a typical office setting, there are a bunch of sounds from the clicking of the keys on the keyboard, to the ringing of the phone and the list goes on. They did a really good job at making it feel like you were really in an office space, something that can be easily replicated which I’m happy they didn’t skip over.

Characters 9/10
SxS features a multitude of characters, each having their own working manner, representing common types of employees. Lucy, slow and distracted, is the main piece, as the plot turns around her. Miyoshi is that kind that undeniably hears what citizens have to say, even though she doesn’t like it… Chihaya, quiet but menacing, it the most serious among everyone, ignoring the fact that she loves cosplaying and making costumes.

As for male characters, we have Ichimiya, who is a unxeperient senior, incapable of being sensible. His role is to guide all novices during their activities. Hasebe, unconcerned, makes a huge presence after some episodes. He always tries to run away from his duties and have a calm and sweet aura, due to his relaxed personality.

These characters make the Anime really amazing. I loved all the characters in the Anime.


Overall I think this Anime is definitely must watch and is an Anime that can make you laugh. It sure made me laugh. I once recommended it to a friend of mine, and he absolutely loved it and I hope you will too if you do end up checking it out!

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