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Hataraku Maou-sama! more commonly known as The Devil is a Part-timer! Is an Anime that I think is easily accessible anywhere in my opinion. In fact, this Anime was on Netflix for a period of time (Not sure if it’s still there).

This Anime right here is one that I’ve recommended to my friends and have the whole blue-ray collection here at my home because I liked the Anime a lot. Obviously, depending on who you ask, the opinion on this Anime varies but today, we’re going to talk about my opinion, which is that I think it’s worth watching and it definitely deserves a second season.

Now, before we get started, like always, we have to get you warmed up with a quick overview. Airing in the Spring of 2013, Hataraku Maou-sama!, has 13 episodes, has just over 500k members on MAL and sits at an 8.00 rating. The Anime is also labeled under the following categories: Demons, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, and Shounen.

It has a bit of everything.

Story: 8/10
I found that the story, although not completely original, was executed very well. It begins with a very action-packed opening scene, and transitions nicely into the characters arriving in this strange land known as ‘Tokyo’. The comedic timing in this show is spot on, and because of that it often made me actually laugh out loud. The story pans out a little slowly, and although the action at the start is quite flashy, there aren’t many other moments in this anime where you get that. If you don’t really like action though, then it will be just fine.

Art: 9/10
It was hard to find faults in this shows art and animation. The character designs were very attractive, and the scenery is quite plush. When it was time for the action scenes, the movement didn’t look choppy and there were not any frames where the characters looked like a different person. The only reason I didn’t rate this section a 10 was because at times, and this is very infrequent, the characters face did look a little odd and disproportioned. Otherwise, the quality of the artwork was top-notch.

Sound: 8/10
The opening isn’t played until quite late in the anime, but I found it well worth the wait. The chosen song is very enjoyable to listen to, and the animation complements it nicely. The ending is very soothing and finishes the episode very nicely. The voice actors were very good, portraying emotion well in many different situations, and it had a broad variety of voices. The soundtrack was nothing outstanding, but it fitted the scenes and one track in particular (The Devil Regains His Strength), after the first time it was used, every other time I heard it, I was filled with anticipation and knew something awesome was about to happen.

Character: 8/10
There is a wide variety of different characters, each with very contrasting personalities. I found it quite enjoyable every time they introduced a new character. They did this every couple of episodes, but in a way that made it seem infrequent and fitting. One thing that confused me was how Maou acted, as he is the demon Overlord who terrorized Ente Isla, and yet he does things in Tokyo that really makes me question his evilness.


I really do believe that this Anime is worth watching, I personally really enjoyed this Anime, and I thought it was really entertaining. Especially since this Anime touches so many genres, I was left feeling bored, instead, it left me wanting more.

That’s why I would like to see the second season to this Anime, would it happen? Probably not, but if it was a possibility in the near future, then definitely, I think it does need a second season.

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  1. I’d take a season two. It really needs it after that bait if you ask me. It’s not super rewatchable (I’ve seen it several times over now) but still a solid show.

      1. Me too. I hate it when I start to really like a character and suddenly it is over while I still think there is more that needs to be done.

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