Eric Nam & Solar ~ WGM | My new favourite WGM couple.

So… Just a random blog here, as many of you know, I’ve been a fan of this show called ‘We Got Married’ which is a Korean show, where they take celebrities from different industries and match them up. Essentially, setting up a virtual marriage between the two which typically runs for about a year or so.

My favourite couples have long been Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young; and Sungjae and Joy. But today, after binge-watching for two days, that has changed. My new all time favourite couple is Solar and Eric Nam.

I liked them more than the previous two couples I’ve watched because it felt more genuine and more sincere than the others. You could feel the two grow closer together and it gave me a fuzzy feeling. Eric and Solar, in my opinion, cared more for each other and showed more affection towards each other than the other couples.

It felt like a more realistic couple than the previous two couples, which was easier to relate to and understand. Overall, the two made for a really fun and enjoyable couple to watch. I hope to see more couples like them come to the show one day, I think it’ll be fun.


  1. I love EricxSolar! They seem so natural here. Even though a year has passed since their virtual marriage, I still find myself rewatching their episodes and getting the same feels like I;m watching them for the first time. I wish they have a song collab soon!

    1. I definitely agree, I still feel like I’m getting the same feels I got when I watched for the first time too. Also, if they made a duet together I would totally get the song 💜

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