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Hi! Today we chat about Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. I’ve been wanting to review this Anime for a long time, but with school work and real life stuff, I have never had a chance to review it. However, today, that’s all about to change.

If you haven’t seen this Anime, then I ask you, where have you been? Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is considered by many to be one of the highlights of 2014. Airing for a total of 12 episodes during the Summer season, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun touches the genres of Comedy, Romance, and School. Now let’s get started.

Sound – 8/10
Who doesn’t love Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai? The opening to this wonderful Anime. It’s very upbeat and fits the whole mood of this Anime. In fact, I love this opening so much that I actually have the whole song on my phone ;3

This feeling of an upbeat nature spills into the ending and gives us something happy and joyful to end each episode off on. Given that this Anime is also labeled as a School Anime, much of the sounds throughout the Anime revolve around. The studio, in my opinion, did a great job with the soundtrack and various noises used throughout the Anime.

Art – 9/10
The Art is very anime-esk in my opinion. As the story revolves around a person who is a Manga Artist, the art style really does reflect that and is a little detail that I didn’t expect from a design point of view.

The Act itself is very bright, and lively. The studio did an amazing job making the characters pop and on top of that, they also did a great job at defining the little details in the background that most of the time get missed over as it isn’t important to the viewer. Overall, I am really impressed with the Art of this Anime.

Character – 8.5/10
This is one thing I truly like from this series. Why? Because there are so many unique personalities here. Let’s say Mikoshiba, a narcissist but shy. Saying really cool things but can’t act on it. Or Kawashima, a prince (or princess?) but a true fool. Oh wait, all of them are fools anyway. However, I just cannot hate them, they’re lovable in their unique ways. Gekkan shoujo is charming because of its foolishness, and it’s a perfect way to produce comedy.

There is also the potential to have good and solid character development amongst the characters of the Anime. This is why the environment seems lively, their playful nature between each other makes for satisfying friendships and character interactions.

In my opinion, characters, personalities, and interactions are the hardest to build up for a romantic comedy story. The studio does a splendid job at sticking on track and not straying off to mix in something not necessary at all.

Story – 8/10
If the viewer can enjoy how the story flows, then it succeeds. The storyline to the Anime is quite simple, just revolving around a high school Manga Artist and how he lives in his daily life. Then insert a fall-in-love assistant, hilarious friends as model characters, and an idiot editor. It makes for a fun time in my opinion.

Many of the Anime Reviews I’ve done, I have mentioned that there is sometimes a lack of story. Which is no different from this one, but what impressed me about this particular storyline was how everything flowed. It moved along the 12 episodes rather smoothly, I didn’t feel like anything was being rushed, it honestly felt like a nice leisurely car ride. Nice and relaxing.


Overall, I really enjoyed this Anime, I had a lot of fun watching it too. Well to be fair, I have fun all the time watching Anime. Except for when I’ve seen a similar type of story in every Anime that I watch, only then does it become boring and stale.

Although this isn’t, in my opinion,

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