Soul Eater | Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Stay tuned for a blog tomorrow ;3

Since we’re all out gathering candy dressed up in different costumes. I thought I’d bring to you a review on an Anime that in my mind reminds me of Halloween, Soul Eater.

If you haven’t watched this Anime, then I urge you right now to go watch it. Thank you very much!

Story: 8/10
Soul Eater does have a pretty good storyline, however, it seems somewhat stereotypical. There is an organization that was created to protect the world from bad guys, and some evil organization is plotting against them and trying to destroy them. Then suddenly out of nowhere, collecting almighty weapons all over the world comes into play, and now it seems that the characters are tied somewhere between Tsubasa Chronicle and Bleach, and are doing too much at once.

Despite that sudden blend of different plots into one Anime. It does a really amazing job at managing the load it puts on itself and does well for an Anime that’s 51 episodes long, it provides for a really exciting time.

Art: 10/10
The art is probably one of the most unusual characteristics of Soul Eater, a sort of alternative anime looks like many that have popped up over the years. The use of 3-D animation is astounding, there is pretty good detail, the colors and shading well support the story itself and the essence of the anime. The artwork is not like any other anime that I have seen yet at least, most notably the bloody sun and moon. The animation is also quite appropriate to the storyline, and overall runs smoothly. Perfection at its finest!

Sound: 9/10
The music was what got me addicted to the show. The opening theme astounded me as I watched all the characters go through the motions. As the theme song ended, I looked forward to the show itself, a sure-fire way of knowing that the music is good. But then, the ending theme comes along. While not bad, it just couldn’t compare to the opening and left me slightly disappointed. The animation and the sound have seemed together almost flawlessly, and that highly raised my liking of the show. #TMREVOLUTION4LYFE

Character 8/10
While not all the characters stood out to be memorable and interesting characters, there were a few characters that caught my eye: Death the Kid and Dr. Stein. Death the Kid adds a lot of the comedy with his addiction to making everything perfectly symmetrical, almost a pushover when fighting, but also a complete powerhouse. The other Dr. Stein, with the awesome bolt in his head, has a fetish for dissection and experimenting, no matter how cruel.

Also somewhat creepy and a sadist, but making him a more likable character. Each character gets a fair amount of screen time, and have a decent past, and that just adds so much to the anime itself. It makes for an all more interesting storyline when you mix in the already really interesting plot.

Hi there!

No conclusion today, just watch the Anime. Also, if you’re out trick or treating, stay safe! Have a happy Halloween!

– OOCentral

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