Month: November 2017

Magic Kaito 1412 | Kaito grown up!

Apologies for a short post today… I have two major tests tomorrow and I’ve been throwing all my time at studying! The never-ending series that is Detective Conan, is one many people have heard of, […]

God Eater | A Great 3D Anime

Have you seen God Eater before? Probably not, or maybe you did. God Eater is an Anime based off a game and as many of you already know, Anime that originate from a game doesn’t […]

Ao Haru Ride | Anime Review

Hi and happy Thanksgiving weekend to my American readers! Today we’ll be reviewing an Anime that was very highly anticipated – Ao Haru Ride. When this Anime first came out, I had people telling me about […]

Tamako Love Story |Movie Review

Why hello there! If you don’t already follow me on the twitters, you probably don’t know that I have returned to learning after a 5-week hiatus. As I have returned to school, it also means […]

Isshuukan Friends. | To me a very touching story.

What I really enjoy about Anime are the different stories and the different ideas that are presented to use as a viewer on a regular basis. In particular, the story that surrounds the Anime Isshuukan Friends, […]

Hanamaru Youchien | A Kindergartener’s Adventure!

Have you ever seen an Anime, whose cast is a bunch of kindergarten children and their adventures around the school? Me too – that all changed when I saw this Anime. For reasons unknown to me, […]

Yuru Yuri | A surprisingly relaxing Anime

I am not too sure if you guys know this Anime, maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Regardless, I am here to give you my own opinion of this Anime. Now before we begin, like […]