Masamune-kun no Revenge | Why it sucked.

-Throws down gloves-

Alright! It’s time to settle some beef I have with this particular Anime. I find it ironic that I said in my previous post that I tend to stay away from Anime that air during the year, but here I am reviewing an Anime that aired during 2017. Tsk, tsk.

This was one Anime, I was looking forward to since 2016. I heard the hype around it and my friend (my fellow Anime lover), told me about it saying that it was going to be one of the highlights to 2017. Highly anticipated, Anime this was – well for me anyway.

So when it finally came around to airing, I waited until the Anime finished airing to watch all the episodes in two sittings, spanning two days. Low and behold, this Anime did not meet my expectations, in fact, I’ll double down and say that it sucked.

This story, in my opinion, was about revenge, as suggested by the title of the Anime. However, the story was far from it. Yes, the two main protagonists/antagonists have this sort of ‘negative nature’ with each other. But when you take an Anime whose sole purpose, in my opinion, was revenge but you have to flip it 180 degrees to see that in truth this Anime was nothing special.


It was no different from a normal school Anime, with a little bit of fanservice, thrown in there to retain the viewers’ attention. There really is no ‘revenge’ that take place in this Anime, the person who is supposed to be doing the ‘revenge’ Masamune (the male pro/antagonist), doesn’t really keep to his promise, even though he is very determined to carry out this goal. His revenge, by the way, is to date the other main character, Aki, and break her heart for calling him a pig when they were younger.

GREAT STORY. It doesn’t happen though, I mean, he slowly gets her to fall for him (kind of), but then it’s suggested that he too is starting to fall for her. Then bang turns into your typical school, romance Anime. Where they deal with conflicting emotions while dealing with their own very strong personalities. Add in the supporting cast that turns this Anime into a fanservice-esk Anime.

Overall, I am very disappointed in this Anime and is not worthy of a second season. If you want to see a clash of very strong personalities then go watch Toradora a way better Anime, and also carries the same storyline but even better.

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  1. I didn’t get very far into this anime but it is on my list to get back to. It is fairly far down the list because a lot of people have a similar opinion to you, but eventually I’ll get around to watching it myself. Thanks for sharing.

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