Kakumeiki Valvrave | BEEF with the Anime

Everyone knew it was coming, or maybe you didn’t. I’ve hinted in one of my blogs before that I would be talking about Kakumeiki Valvrave and why I have beef with this Anime.

Today is the day where I tell you why I have a disliking towards this Anime. This may also mean that this blog may be shorter than the other blogs, mainly because I write these rants until I run out of ideas or I cannot think of any more words to throw in.

Why do I dislike this Anime?
I feel like I’ve seen everything in Anime, from all things terrible to all things amazing and outstanding. From terrible Anime with amazing openings to amazing Anime with subpar openings and everything in between.

However, for me personally, I strongly believe that Kakumeiki Valvrave is that Anime that falls under the ‘terrible Anime with amazing openings’ category. Never have I ever watched an Anime with such a messy plot, something that was a mix of a multitude of things all of which didn’t really work together.

From the massive amount of characters introduces during both seasons, to the messy and storyline which has too many loopholes and parts left unanswered/addressed. To the general concept. Now I understand that mecha machines fighting in outer space seem like a pretty generic concept. Which it is because that’s Gundam’s signature concept.

But the way the studio went about the concept, introducing not only ‘vampire’ like abilities to the robot and the characters (which is demonstrated in the first few episodes) but, in my opinion, pulling from different other mecha Anime to ‘compliement’ their own Anime made it even worse.

It made it feel like Kakumeiki Valvrave, was not its own Anime but a compilation of many other mecha Anime that came before it. It truly felt unoriginal.

All that being said, Kakumeiki Valvrave, has two amazing OPs done by the mighty TM Revolution and Nana Mizuki (voice of Hinata). Which I do think you guys should give a listen.

Down below, I thought I should add the Synopsis to the Anime (First season Synopsis). Just in case you just so happened to still want to watch the Anime. I had beef with this Anime because it was very Gundam-esk and, in my opinion, no mecha Anime can top Gundam, even if Kakumeiki Valvrave was made by Sunrise. Stick to making the Gundam franchise.

MyAnimeList Synopsis:
“In the 71st year of the True Era, humans have successfully expanded into space and have started living in independent galactic colonies. The world itself is split between two major nations: the Atlantic Rim United States (ARUS) and the Dorssia Military Pact Federation (Dorssia)—superpowers that wage war against each other on Earth and far into outer space. In this war-torn era, a third faction comprised of Japan and Islands of the Oceanian Republic (JIOR), reside peacefully and prosper economically, maintaining neutrality between themselves and their militant neighbors.

Kakumeiki Valvrave commences in an outer space JIOR colony, where 17-year-old Haruto Tokishima’s peaceful life is turned upside down as a sudden Dorssian fleet breaches the neutral colony. Their objective is to seize the Valvraves: powerful, but rumored mechanized weapons hidden deep within Haruto’s school, Sakimori Academy. In the ensuing chaos, Haruto stumbles upon one of the targeted Valvraves. With his friends’ lives in peril, Haruto enters the mecha and seals a contract for its power in exchange for his humanity. With the aid of L-elf—an enigmatic Dorssian agent and gifted strategist—Haruto and the Valvrave initiate a revolution to liberate the world.”