Yuru Yuri | A surprisingly relaxing Anime

I am not too sure if you guys know this Anime, maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Regardless, I am here to give you my own opinion of this Anime.

Now before we begin, like all Anime reviews you’ve seen thus far, I am incredibly biased in most of my articles and this one will be no different. Sorry, not sorry!

Yuru Yuri, is an Anime that has three seasons for a total of 36 episodes combined. Airing in the Summer of 2011, 2012 and the Fall of 2015 The genres Yuru Yuri is labeled as are: Slice of Life, Comedy, School, and Shoujo Ai. However, the Anime itself is FAR from your typical Shoujo Ai. Let’s get started!

Story: 7/10
After finishing Middle School, Akari Akaza joins the tea ceremony club along with her two childhood friends, Toshino Kyouko and Yui Funami. Soon, a 4th member joins named Chinatsu Yoshikawa. Ya’know your typical Slice of Life beginnings.

Not really much to say about it really, this club they all join has the sole purpose of having fun and going on adventures. Which falls in line with most typical slice of life stories, that so happen to be labeled also as a School Anime.

If you enjoy that kind of story (which I do since I tend to review a lot of slice of life Anime), then you’ll definitely enjoy this one. Plot-wise, it’s very simple and holds nothing too complex. It definitely leans on its comedic side to draw the viewer in and it’s where this Anime excels at.

Art: 7/10
The art style isn’t really anything special like I said, the Anime itself leans a lot on its comedic side to keep things interesting. As this is a Slice of life/school Anime, what this Anime achieves in terms of detail is what you’d normally expect from an Anime with those genres.

What the art style does well at is distinguishing the unique characteristics of each character in how they look. Each character, although similar, has their own uniqueness in how they are drawn in. It makes it very easy to distinguish their own specific design features, which compliments their personalities.

Sound: 8/10
When it comes to catchy OP and EDs this Anime is where you go to. Both the OP and EDs, are very upbeat and fun to listen to, especially since they are sung by the characters of the Anime.

Something about OP and EDs sung by the voice actors of the Anime really appeal to me. I guess because you feel this uniqueness to the Anime which you normally don’t feel with others who have ‘professional’ OPs.

Characters: 8/10
What I really enjoyed about the characters were the unique personalities tied to them. I also really liked how each character leaned on one another. What I mean by that is, if you focus on just one person you’ll realize that she is pretty normal, some may even say that each character by themselves is pretty bland. 

They NEED each other. The dependency each character has with the other cast members makes for a really fun time. They act as a team which benefits the Anime, no one character pulls the weight of entertainment for the Anime because it’s shared amongst all characters, even side characters – that part is what I really like.

Obviously, by way of character development, there isn’t really much as this Anime is a Comedy in essence. However, that being said, whatever character development is there made the Anime that little bit better.

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