Hanamaru Youchien | A Kindergartener’s Adventure!

Have you ever seen an Anime, whose cast is a bunch of kindergarten children and their adventures around the school? Me too – that all changed when I saw this Anime.

For reasons unknown to me, this was a very interesting but fun Anime. I thought it was really refreshing because you don’t really see Anime from the viewpoint of a kindergartener, rather most Anime have a teenaged to young adult cast.

Despite coming out in the Winter of 2010 for a total of 12 episodes. The Anime has a 7.42 rating and is not all that well known. So today, we’re going to be going through my review of Hanamaru Youchien and why I think you should watch it.

Story 8/10:
So you look at the plot summary and think its just another show about a teacher and his students, however, this show is much more than that. Although some issues of this show tread on some people’s line of morality, it shows what a crush really is in its purest form in both of a child and an adult. Each side plot is filled with good jokes and a small moral lesson while maintaining a light-hearted feel in the show. Those who don’t like too much happiness should stay clear of this show, and besides, who doesn’t like watching kindergarteners explore their school?

Art 7/10:
The animation for this show completely suits the light-hearted feel this show tries to convey. It brings out simplistic drawings and making them very cute. One key thing they did in this show was to make the children look unlike a real child and more into a cute lump of moving flesh. This turned possible perversion, into a cute first crush.

Sound 7/10:
The vast amount of ending songs was almost the highlight of my week. I was so excited every episode to see a new ending song, each with a laugh of its own. The background music helped the very light-hearted atmosphere of the show.

Characters 8/10:
For the adults, they pulled out stereotypes and made a new standard for them. All the characters were used to never get old. For the children, everyone showed a pure heart, and really gave a feel of real children and their emotions. Although the lead female kinder gardener was slightly forward in terms of her wishful relationship, what could have been perverted, was made so it just seemed like a joke.

Overall, I really enjoyed this Anime. I liked it because of the different point of view it provided the viewer who usually sees the Teenager point of view. Despite Hanamaru Youchien being 7 years old, I had a lot of fun watching it.

I definitely think that if I watched this in 2010, I would compliment the Anime the same way that I am now. It’s definitely a worth watching if you have the time!


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