Isshuukan Friends. | To me a very touching story.

What I really enjoy about Anime are the different stories and the different ideas that are presented to use as a viewer on a regular basis. In particular, the story that surrounds the Anime Isshuukan Friends, or One Week Friends. Where a female character loses her memory on a weekly basis.

This story was one that I really liked because of the way it was told, it was definitely a really touching story, that I really like. Like all Anime that I really like or hate, it’s about the time that I give you my review on the Anime!

Story: 8/10
The show is perceived as an innocent slice of life anime. It serves its purpose with that. The show was told in a nice fashion. It achieves a good momentum in which the story is told. The story was simple to understand for the most part and there wasn’t really much complexity. There was never really a dull moment in the show where I got bored with watching it. As soon as a problem ended there was always something new in the way. For a “slice of life” anime, it really kept me wanting more. The plot of the show was unique itself since I haven’t heard about another anime that has to do with a character losing her memories of her friends every week. The ending was very heartwarming. After the series ended it had me wanted more of the two characters to see where their lives lead them.

Art: 8/10
The art in the show was probably one of its best aspects. The animation uses light coloring which makes it easy to watch. The detail in every little thing in the background made it even better. The art style reminds me of the show Oreshura which I enjoyed also. The character art was spectacular. The light coloring of the characters really made it more of the innocent aspect in which I said. The art sets the mood the how the show is perceived. It shows it as a show about friendship and high school life. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sound: 7.5/10
The downfall of the show for me would have to be the sound. I never really found any of the BGM to be memorable. Of course, that’s not to say I didn’t like the opening and ending. The ending was one of the best songs I’ve ever heard which was sung by the voice of Kaori. The VA for the characters fit in very well. No voice in the anime ever felt like it was out-of-place. Each VA in the show did a fantastic job to voice each character.

Characters: 8/10
This is where the show shines. You have Hase Yuuki. He’s a nice guy that cares about others more than he cares himself. Throughout the entire anime, everything that he does is for the sake of Fujimiya. Then you have Fujimiya Kaori. Probably one of the sweetest female characters in anime history. 
This girl is just so kind and she’s so much of a sweetheart. She puts others in front of herself just like Hase. Main characters aside you also have a good cast of side characters.

One of my favorite being Kiryu Shogo. He is Hase’s best friend and does well in all of his classes. He appears to be a cold-hearted character but over time it is shown that he cares about his friends and just doesn’t express it well. You then have the adorable Yamagishi Saki which in my opinion was the cutest character. She was always funny to watch. Even when they would study she would procrastinate which were funny to see her just goof around. Other side characters are shown but they don’t really interact with the story as much. Overall I loved each and every character in the show and there wasn’t really any character in which I disliked.


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