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Why hello there! If you don’t already follow me on the twitters, you probably don’t know that I have returned to learning after a 5-week hiatus. As I have returned to school, it also means my blogs will get a little shorter due to the packed schedule I now have. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Hiii, this is new! A movie review! Over the summer I watched a lot of Anime movies, which I hope to be doing a review on all of them in the near future. So I thought what no better way than to start with one of the first ever Anime movies, I’ve seen in Tamako Love Story.

I watched this movie before I watched the actual Anime, and I personally believe that the movie was a lot better because there was a story to tell. The Anime itself and the story presented in the movie is good enough to be standalone. Which speaks volumes as to how good this movie was in my opinion.

The story is quite simple, two individuals who are currently neighbors and are also friends from the beginning, not knowing that their friendship has turned into something more. It entails their journey as friends as they look to discover where their actual feelings lie with one another.

All the trials and tribulations that the two main characters (Mochizou and Tamako) go through and the ultimate question of whether or not they’re willing to risk a childhood friendship for something even more than ‘just friends’.

The art is outstanding all the characters in the story look unique and you can easily tell their charisma with just one look. The details of the surroundings of the city and market looks nice and it appeals to the ideal look of a living and growing community particularly the market in which they live.

The soundtracks fit perfectly well for the animation, not much that I can tell but the soundtracks make you all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s simple but just right.

If you haven’t seen Tamako Love Market, then you probably don’t know much of the background story between the two main characters. Regardless, of that fact, however, The movie does do a really good job of summarizing them for you so that you don’t have to watch the Anime.

The movie does an excellent job of developing the characters and their relationship towards each other throughout the duration of the movie. It honestly didn’t feel too fast, it actually felt just right. The studio does well as making sure each side character has its purpose for the movie, they didn’t feel out-of-place of a waste, each side character played a role in bettering the movie. Which is something that typically isn’t seen in normal Anime.

Overall I think this is a great movie to get started with if you’re wanting to get into the movie aspect of Anime. It’s very light and isn’t loaded with fanservice (Anything of that nature), and isn’t drowned in a sea of drama.

In terms of what it has, I think fits the movie. It has drama, but not too much of it. It has character development, neither fast or slow, and it has a legitimate purpose, it has a story that I think everyone can relate to in some way or another.

I really enjoyed this movie and I would definitely watch it again.


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