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Hi and happy Thanksgiving weekend to my American readers! Today we’ll be reviewing an Anime that was very highly anticipated – Ao Haru Ride.

When this Anime first came out, I had people telling me about how good it was going to be because the Manga was so good (which is often the case), but it was never high on my to-watch list. 3 years later and here I am giving you my own review!

Story 7/10
After watching this anime and reading other reviews, I could say one thing : the story is everything but exceptional. But I have to say, I loved it. The ups and downs of relationships, the great comedy, etc… After reading other shoujo Anime, I actually discovered this was the same for all shoujo Anime. Which isn’t that great if you’re looking for an Anime that differs from other typical Anime. The story is what you expect from an Anime labeled as a Slice of Life, Comedy and Romance Anime.

However, that shouldn’t take away from the overall feel of the Anime. For what it is, I still think that it’s a very enjoyable story which fits what this Ao Haru Ride is all about.

Art 8/10
I thought the art style was one of the best aspects of the Anime. Each character, I thought, was really well drawn and had their own unique features that allowed them to stand out from other characters. One thing everyone who watches this Anime will immediately pick up on is how the eyes are drawn in. They are so big and bright, it almost gives off this lively feeling.

Sound 8/10
The sound is pretty close to perfect. From the opening, easily one of my favorites, to the ending, which I loved, and the OST, the sound part of this anime is just outstanding. Apart from that, the ‘everyday’ sounds played throughout the Anime is rather normal and in my opinion, doesn’t really add nor take away from the Anime.

Character 7/10
The two mains characters, Yoshioka and Kou, are great. Their development is well done, they are realistic, and all you like. But the main problem lies in the secondary characters. I really felt like they were too simple like they were lacking something. I’m sure I’ve said this before in another blog, but if you have the right supporting cast, the Anime will almost 100% of the time be better than what is it currently.

I still stand true to that statement, I think the potential for improvement lies within the characters themselves. Obviously, the Anime always focuses on the main characters, that’s why they’re considered ‘main’ characters. However, an Anime cannot rely solely on its mains to get the job done, you have to utilize the supporting cast in a way that enhances the feel – something Ao Haru Ride doesn’t do much of.


Aside from my little blurbs of ‘improvement’ for this Anime. I thought this Anime was really enjoyable. To the people who say this Anime was going to be good because the Manga was good, I beg a differ. I think the Manga is a lot better than the Anime (which is always the same for all Anime).

Regardless, still a very fun Anime.

– OOCentral


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  1. This was a fairly cute anime. Initially, I really didn’t like the main female character but she kind of grew on me over time and I guess we weren’t supposed to like her while she was pretending to be something she wasn’t. Thanks for sharing.

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