God Eater | A Great 3D Anime

Have you seen God Eater before? Probably not, or maybe you did. God Eater is an Anime based off a game and as many of you already know, Anime that originate from a game doesn’t really translate well. Which is often the case, I still have yet to see an Anime based on a game do well.

However, that being said, I thought God Eater was a great 3D Anime and did better than I expected.

Story 7/10
The story in the first half is basically an introduction to the characters and lays the groundwork for what the Anime is going to be about. The latter half of the story is really good and was able to make the pacing good for 13 episode series even with the flashbacks for the characters.  Obviously, as this is based on a game, there it is really hard converting a game into something that contains an actual storyline so I would suggest keeping your expectations low.

Art 10/10
As expected of Ufotable they produce a series with a very good-looking art style. The animation is mostly smooth and character and weapon designs are very detailed and shiny. The animation in the fight scenes is pretty good and dynamic. effects of fire, rain, blood are done nicely, however, electricity effects in the scenes they were used seem slightly overused and take away from everything else. The monsters in the series where mainly 3D CGI by the look of them but it wasn’t bad CGI and didn’t ruin what you were watching.

Sound 8/10
The music that was used always seemed to fit the moment it was used. I usually watch a fight scene remembering the music as a few bangs and a small bit of dubstep however in this series I would most remember the epic song playing in the background. The music is also not only effectively used during fights it is effectively used during character dialogue.

Character 7/10
The first squad characters are pretty well-developed and sort of likable in the series as a whole but half of them at first can be very childish however to avoid spoilers I am not going to say who. The MC Lenka seems like the best character to get development in series. At first, he seems like a blank slate as a character, he has nothing really interesting about him other than his need to kill Aragami. Later on, he does end up becoming my favorite character in the series after getting some decent development. My other favorite character in the series was Soma for similar reasons.


Although, the overall Anime was average in my opinion. I thought it was a really good step forward in the development of Anime that are based on games. Especially one with as good of an art style as this one was. God Eater is an Anime with one of the best 3D graphics I’ve ever seen. Which is surprising because I am very skeptical of 3D Anime as a whole.

But nevertheless, God Eater as a whole was a very interesting Anime.

– OOCentral

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