Magic Kaito 1412 | Kaito grown up!

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The never-ending series that is Detective Conan, is one many people have heard of, but so few people watch as there are almost 900 episodes of the Anime. Take all of it, but put it in an alternative setting and you give the main character both a good and bad guy role. That is what you get with Magic Kaito.

Oddly enough, many people don’t know of Magic Kaito. Just over 55k people know of it on MyAnimeList which is shocking in my eyes. Magic Kaito aired during Fall 2014, has a total of 24 episodes and is labeled as Adventure, Comedy, Shounen, and Romance.

Story: 7/10
This series is episodic in nature, which each story focusing on Kid the Phantom Thief attempting to steal some jewel or valuable object, which brings him into conflict with the police, other thieves, royalty, teen detectives, and a certain child detective. The engaging part of the story is learning the explanation behind the magic tricks performed in the series (most of which are pretty clever). Many scenarios require a great suspension of disbelief, and the stories can be formulaic at times, but still very enjoyable.

Art: 8/10
The animation quality is great, recreating the unique art-style from the manga. There are plenty of night shots with beautiful lighting and lots of flowing capes. I found myself making this comparison between Magic Kaito and Detective Conan, although different anime, they are complementary to each other as it’s an alternate setting. Magic Kaito is the ‘newer’ Anime that has the better art style, which is why I rated the art an 8.

Sound: 8
The background music is great, there are a couple really great tracks that range from jazz to techno beats. The OPs and EDs are great tunes and get you excited for the series. The Japanese dub has great voice acting, especially from the main character.

Character: 7
I’ve heard complaints the characters are stereotypical. I can see how characters fit into typical shonen character roles, but they are enjoyable nonetheless. Kaito is a stubborn and prideful guy who has a good heart and Aoko is a sweet girl who just can’t seem to be honest with him about her feelings, but she can give him the what for when needed!

What I enjoy most about the characters is that although it’s an alternate setting, characters from Detective Conan support the Anime, which, in my opinion, benefits the Anime.


Overall, I really, really liked Magic Kaito. It’s not every day that you see alternate settings of giant Anime, like Detective Conan. You would think that it would be hard especially given the fanbase the original Anime had, but I think Magic Kaito does well and overall adds an awesome twist. I definitely suggest you give it a look when you have the chance!

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