Rokka no Yuusha | Anime Review

Hi and happy December everyone ;3.

Today we start the off the third day of December with, you guessed it, an Anime review!.

Story: 8/10
Great – Not much more to say if you had to give it one word. Great suits Rokka no Yuusha’s story as it is in no way original but the way they presented was glorious, and you kind of forgot how “straightforward” the story was in the middle all the tension this anime left you with for each episode after the middle segment.

All in all the “uncertainty between people when there’s one more than it should be” can seem flat-line, but not when executed like it has been done here. And then ON TOP of this – what that became the whole plot summary for this season, we still got the full story-line behind and in front us of regarding the original objective of the Braves.

Art: 7/10
Lovely, with all the different types of anime these days – breaking them apart eventually becomes difficult for certain people (Looking away from those who has gone over the edge to make an own special style) and in no way was the art of Rokka no Yuusha MINDBLOWING, but it was not this boring, dimmed down, bad colored type either.

The art was just fine and lived up to the atmosphere that the anime gave us, remaining colorful and beautiful while at the same time having this grey stone strike here and there to remind us of the situation our heroes here are trapped within. A work of perfection presented in a decent manner.



Sound: 7/10
Oh the sounds, the music and the general layer of what they put in the background of this anime was part of what made it so great – Making sure that they properly match the music with the scenery and everything in the background during the slow and silent segments, it all created this passive atmosphere that followed me all the way from the first episode to the last, and it did a great job in doing so.
Characters: 9/10.
How I loved them all, or well – Most of them. The crew of Rokka no Yuusha was put together in a great manner, it is not each day I see a team of seven people in this kind of situation – that either goes along or fight’s to death and still manages to maintain their individual characteristic foundation.

Rokka no Yuusha delivered more than plenty in terms of characters, making them unique in such individual ways while still not going over the edge while doing so – and at the same time give some of them development traits that in no way damaged the show itself. I was taken away by all seven of them and that for a damn good reason.

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  1. I enjoyed this enough, but kind of feel without a follow up season it just doesn’t have a lot of rewatch value because we now know the answer to the mystery in this series but still don’t know what the end result of anything actually is. So fun, but needs another season.

    1. Yeah, I’d be much happier with this if it continued. As is, it just isn’t enough and left a bad taste in my mouth. Still enjoyed it though.

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