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Hullo and welcome to Wednesday or Thursday, depending on where you are. Today I’d like to take the moment to talk about an Anime that I really, really like and is in fact, my favourite Psychological Anime – Psycho-Pass.

Obviously, since it’s my favourite Anime in that genre, I cannot help but be a tad bias. To which I apologize. Before we begin, let’s give a quick rundown. Psycho-Pass has a total of two seasons with a combined total of 33 Episodes (22 in the first, 11 in the second). Combined, it has a solid rating of an 8 and touches the genres of Police, Sci-Fi, Psychological and Action.

Story: 9/10
Psycho-Pass is set in the future where you are able to easily see the mental state of one’s mind. This is given a number, a number relating to one’s contingency of creating a crime, called the ‘Crime Coefficient’ if it is at the normal rate. These persons are apprehended, if not disposed of if reached too high. Inspector Akane Tsunemori and Shinya Kougami are both parts of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division, which is in charge of maintaining order with the use of the Sibyl System.

In the first episode, you will feel slightly information-dumped with the expectation that you will remember each person’s name. After getting into this series a bit more, you will conveniently find that this is not the case. The rules or what you can and cannot do with the Dominators are shown over time in the series and the motives of the characters are very well-defined in the story. There are small side stories within the anime, but they all intertwine at a point within the series in some way or another.

Art: 9/10
The animation here was very well done. Background effects brought a dark feel to an even darker plot. It enhanced the experience of the story in such a way that it felt very real. Either foreground of background the designs of objects, characters and material were very well done. Character designs in the anime were all very different. None of the characters art looks like it had its shape copy/pasted and put different things on. This includes the supporting characters- of which there are many.


Sound: 8/10
The sound here seemed to have high audio quality. EGOIST and ryo are great choices for creating the composition for Psycho-Pass. The visuals to make the OP for Psycho-Pass must have.  The voice acting was favourable, despite the voice mostly being in a serious tone. Not really much to comment on, as this is a very serious Anime to an extent. The sound usually falls in line with that in mind.

Characters: 8/10
All of the main characters have their stories straightened out in Psycho-Pass. There is none, or, at the least very little times that you would question the past of one of the main characters. Shinya Kougami. He’s the main male Enforcer in the story where there are 5 other Enforcers and 2 Inspectors working with him. He’s enemies with Makishima, actually the villain of the story because of his connections. He tries to guide Akane onto the route of being a good Inspector while also looking after her even saving her at times while trying to hunt for Makishima. He’s not much of a diverse character. Once he has made his mind of doing something he sticks with it. Akane is a bit of a tricky one.

At times it seems like she has ‘feelings’ for Shinya and other times not as much. Her past is clearly defined in Psycho-Pass. She’s a good strong one, who just needed a kick-start to develop into a versatile character. One that progresses throughout the story can be seen very clearly. Makishima Shogo is the main villain in the story. He’s a sadist to the extreme degree while maintaining his twisted views on the world where they would stay at the same point. His choices are well characterized and his logic and thoughtfulness put into each of these is very intriguing. The side characters are all entertaining and likable.

Give it a watch, I definitely think it’ll be worthwhile! See you on the weekend ;3.

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  1. Psycho-Pass is a great watch. It’s a shame that the second season was fairly lackluster in comparison. I still enjoyed bits of it but it wasn’t “Psycho-Pass.” Have you seen the film? I thought it was pretty good but a lot of people gave it pretty poor marks.

  2. This is definitely one worth watching. I really loved this anime and the questions raised by the world they constructed. However, full points need to be given to the villain for actually being a villain and still being really interesting.

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