Black Bullet | Despite the hate, I still enjoyed the Anime.

Okay, okay. The hate that surrounds this Anime is INTENSE, and I also know it is probably one of the worse adaptations ever made.

But despite all that, as someone who hasn’t read the light novel, I still enjoyed the Anime. I can say that because I didn’t know the expectations of the Anime when it was adapted nor did I read the light novels. So I went into this Anime with normal expectations and in my opinion, I thought it fair well.

Story: 7/10
Humans are on the verge of extinction by a virus named Gastrea, and they have to live in small territory to protect themselves. Typical plot, we’ve seen this on tons of other Anime. The only thing special is that Civil Officers are the one fighting to protect the other humans. And the main character (Rentarou) has some unique fighting ability of his own. The fighters are “Cursed Children” which cliché and overused are ONLY lolis’ as far as we/I can see so far.  Pretty much it’s a fight to keep this virus under control while protecting those who have yet to be infested. 

The ending to the Anime holds this extremely big plot twist, that you do not expect and I bet was just something the studio threw in to probably land a second season (which as you all know, didn’t happen).

Art: 8/10
The art is decently unique, and the characters look great. They aren’t the typical art style like we’ve been seeing in tons of the recent Anime. The fighting scenes are phenomenal to say at the very least. The scenery that surrounds the Anime (ie. background), is where the Anime puts a lot of focus on (well in my opinion). Which is strange considering you would want to focus more on the characters rather than the surroundings. Despite that, if you pay attention (to the surrounding areas), you can see a nice level of detail which is normally missed by the average viewer — who pays attention to backgrounds anyway?



Sound: 7/10
The OP to the Anime is very Attack on Titan-esk. So in terms of originality, it scores itself pretty low. I guess the studio wanted to try to capitalize on the fame and hype Attack on Titan had which aired before this Anime (2013). The ED is in my opinion, better than the OP, however, that being said, both the OP and ED aren’t remarkable and don’t get me excited to watch another episode. Very mediocre.

Character: 7/10
I like every character in this series especially Enju, and the main character Rentarou. Enju isn’t the typical “Yandere” by any stretch of the imagination. She isn’t the one being protected she’s the one fight alongside Rentarou. Which in the “side story” she is in fact showing emotional attachment to Rentarou. As far as the other characters go I wont spoil anything, but they’re all unique in their own ways.

I personally don’t know what to make of this Anime, I really don’t. It’s sort of a bubble Anime, in that you either hate or enjoyed it to some extent. It seems to me, that I am that ‘some extent’ kind of guy. There were parts of the Anime that I really enjoyed (ie. fight scenes), and there were some emotional parts.

But there were also aspects that I didn’t really enjoy. I’ve seen Attack on Titan and Black bullet feels very Attack on Titan-esk. Which is one of the reasons why many people dislike this Anime because it’s a ‘Attack on Titan ripoff’.

I’m sure if this Anime aired before Attack on Titan, people would have probably enjoyed it better. But since it has a similar plot and OP, people thought otherwise. Watch it for yourself and you be the judge.



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  1. I didn’t mind this. There are parts that are definitely not executed as well as they could be but there are other parts that are quite affective. I didn’t know it was based on a light novel so that wasn’t an issue when I viewed it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the series.

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