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Hi and welcome to another (late) blog! Today we’re going to be talkin’ about an Anime I really, really like, New Game!

Story 9/10
The story centers around an 18/19-year-old character designer named Aoba Suzukaze at a games company, working under her idol Kou Yagami. It follows the storyline of the company making a game and competing in the industry of Game Development and the struggles that come from that. The story was engaging and interesting, yet easy to follow, going on an idea that as far as I am aware is untapped in the creation of video games, New Game!! managed to balance a serious story, with hints of slapstick comedy and romance.

Art 8/10
I am personally a big fan of the art style used in New Game!! the main highlight being the eyes, which admittedly are what made me initially assume the anime would focus on being moe, because let’s be honest, they’re cute. But that isn’t the sole feature, the visuals were fantastic throughout the series, the realistic game promos and artwork within the games, everything was exceptional.

Sound 8/10
I thought that the music for this anime was great, nothing stands out, but catchy tunes and well thought out BGMs, helping to set the mood of different scenes.


character 9/10
The main feature in terms of characters was the addition of 2 new characters, whom initially I didn’t like, upon first impressions the new characters seem callous and as though they may disrupt the existing calm environment, however as with the other characters of the show, these 2 characters develop with time and become very much lovable. We get to see the ups and downs of each character, demonstrating emotional instabilities and understanding and showing how different situations affect different characters helping to humanize them and help the viewer relate. A personal favourite part of this for me is showing how severe Hifumi’s social anxiety is at the beginning of the first season, and being able to see visible progress across each episode as she begins to open up as a character. And they did manage to get the moe in, all of the characters are cute girls, the hints of fan service that are pretty much essential in this generation of anime, such as Kou’s panties, Hifumi’s cosplay, and any bath or shower scenes, were made in ways to keep from making them the centre of attention, making them whimsical to the story and not having any lewdness to keep the innocent slice of life feel to the show.

I would 100% recommend this Anime. I think it is definitely worth watching and is also very lighthearted and overall fun to watch. I never got bored watching this Anime, and I personally think you won’t feel bored either (unless I’m wrong, then I’m sorry).\

I’ve only seen the first Season, as you guys already know, I don’t typically watch Anime that air during the current year. I may get around to watching it though since the holidays is coming up and I’ll have a lot of time on my hands.

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  1. Whilst it is moe and cutesy, it is kind of an anti-reflection of the actual working conditions in Japan though.
    But I guess it does deserve plus points for painting a fun picture, which could provide a relaxing influence on the locals amidst their stressful lifestyles. (*cold sweat* don’t mind my slightly pessimistic view)
    Glad you enjoyed this series! (And yes when I first watched it, I too thought it was super cute and relaxing at first 🙂 )

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