Magi | If you haven’t seen it, then you must!

Ohmygosh, have you seen Magi? If you haven’t then you’re totally missing out on a really amazing Anime. Airing one after another, Magi has two total seasons, both of which have a rating higher than 8.20 totaling 50 (25, 25) episodes collectively.

Now don’t let the huge episode total discourage you from watching the Anime. Having such a long series such as Magi gives way to an amazing story something that is without a doubt, definitely worth watching!

Story: (9/10)
With a setting based on Arabian Nights, you can expect (or at least hope for), a gripping narrative. Thankfully, Magi is structured so that the focus on the two main protagonists (Alibaba and Aladdin) is well orchestrated, and has a unique vibe to it. Through this, the story can become very dark and gripping, while not losing the narrative.

What differentiates this from other shounen is the political aspect. As a king, you must reign. But how will you do it? Through this question, the different nations and factions can interact in a believable environment, without it ever feeling like the author is asking you to pretend they would do that.

Art: (8/10)
Most shounen typically falls under long broadcasting widths. While this allows for a developed story, the art tends to suffer long-term. Thankfully the animators have cut the show into a one season arc while providing room to adopt more chapters if need be. For this reason, the art is well-developed. Backgrounds are detailed and varied, with character models being round and developed. There are few jagged edges apparent, which helps realism.

The battle scenes don’t suffer from still shots (too much), and motion does not degrade the animation. It stays fluid throughout, with the exception of the comedy scenes. Through these, the show takes a different animation style. While humorous in a way, it detracts from the overall value. I don’t see the joke through their expressions, but rather, through the goofy way they’re drawn.

Sound: (9/10)
One of Magi’s strong points. Both openings provide a gateway into Arabia, with a melody and vocalist that resemble the middle eastern style. It opens the door to the show, making the transition to background music worthwhile. With this, you experience a variety of festival soundtracks, battle hymns, and adventure tunes.

The depth and well execution of sound makes for a more enjoyable watch. This is followed by the endings which slightly devalue the soundtrack. While not bad, they don’t carry the show to the end. Had they been chosen better, the desire to continue watching would have been more apparent.

Characters: (10/10)
The characters in a show must be well-rounded for the plot to work. No matter how great a set piece, it won’t work without strong protagonists. And Magi delivers. Alibabba is a naive individual with too much idealism. This pushes the plot forward. Aladdin is a childish yet strangely deep character. His character shifts add emotion to the story. Morgiana is the strong, shackled female who can offer great moments through her actions. This trio has a well-blended bond that works.

Their conversations kept me through the show, eager to see how they will handle future situations. The background characters, of which there are too many to name, are stunning. They have unique personalities and offer believable lines that push the narrative further. Each new individual can hold their own as the main character, and you can care for each one of them. They’re so developed you almost want to root for the bad guy.

If you can make another season, then please do make one. If you haven’t yet seen this Anime, then I ask you, where have you been? I definitely recommend this Anime to everyone and anyone.

Without a doubt, Magi is definitely one of my favourites and I’m almost certain it may become yours, or at the very least, it’ll give you hours of entertainment.

– OOCentral

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