Today we’re going to chat about Nagi No Asukara. An Anime that I believe is absolutely beautiful when it comes to animations. I also personally thought that it had a very beautiful story and is why I recommend this to you if you haven’t already saw it.

Nagi No Asukara aired in the fall of 2013; it has a total of 26 episodes; it is also labeled as a Drama; Fantasy, and Romance; and it is sitting at a solid 8.26 rating according to myAnimeList.

Story: 8/10
In this anime, it is shown that human beings originally came from the sea. Some people craved to see the world beyond the ocean. So they left the sea and started living permanently on the land. Soon they were divided into two groups. The sea people from Shioshishio and the land people from Oshioshi. 14 years old Hikari Sakishima, Manaka Mukaido, Chisaki Hiradaira and Isaki Kaname; a group of four childhood friends are forced to go to Mihama Junior High School on the land as their Nami Junior High School of underwater village closed down and that’s when they discovered a whole new world, learnt about their newfound feelings, the conflicted relationships of land people and sea people, the mystery of the sea god and many more.

Art: 10/10
First and foremost, the remarkable animation of this anime must be discussed. This is one of the best parts of this anime. The underwater village looks simply stunning and breathtaking. You can see water in any anime. But since water is a major part of Nagi-Asu it is animated with great care and details. You will feel like you’re the one who is diving under the ocean and watching the underwater creatures. Of course, the lands, snow and other things also look splendid. Every scenario looks amazing. As for the characters, it goes all out with the big, round, sparkly eyes. People from the sea have gleaming azure eyes which looks very pretty. Whether you like this type of character design or not is completely your choice. But at least in my opinion, this is what makes them look attractive and charming. You could stare at the characters and the scenes forever. The animation is that much appealing and eye-soothing.

Sound: 9/10
The sounds and music are mellifluous. They did a great job for the OST. Voice acting on the characters is done perfectly. It completely suits each and every character’s personality and characteristics. Opening and ending songs are both good. Both of the openings are suitable for the two parts of the story. Originally Aketagawa Jin was in charge of the soundtracks. But he left and was replaced by a talented composer Dewa Yoshiaki. So you know what you can expect from him. But you may not notice how amazing the background music are when you’re hooked up to watching it. So make sure to check the OSTs on youtube.

Characters: 9/10
All the characters of this series are like the life of this anime. Each and every character has his /her own important role. Without any of them, the anime would be incomplete. You can say every character is the protagonist here. No matter how much you like particularly one of them, you will still feel bad for the others. They are just that lovable. You might think it’s only about those four kids. But it has more characters like Tsumugu, Sayu, and Miuna who are the essential part of the story. Also, the characters are not always kiddy. It’s actually a coming-of-age anime. And if you ever get bored with all the serious things going on, the cute Akira will be there to make you laugh!

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  1. This is one of my all time favorite anime! Thank you for covering it. There are a lot of people out there who just think it’s mediocre, but I think it’s definitely more than that ❤

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