2018 Updates & Ambitions!

Hull everyone! Welcome to 2018, OOCentral here. Like I said in my previous post, I promised to bring to you an update on this website along with ambitions I have for this year.

Uploading Updates
In terms of uploading, I will be keeping with the same uploading schedule of:

Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturdays ranging from 12pm – 3pm EST upload times. Along with the random non-related Anime blog here and there. I personally felt comfortable with that schedule and is something I intend to keep.

Content Updates
What I post will be more or less the same, with very little changes. I think the only real change I will be doing is changing the number of images I put into each post from what it was previously down to probably one or two. This is to save on storage!

Website Updates
Moving right along with the website, there are many things that will be changed. Many of you don’t know this because I do not like keeping the same theme on anything that I do for long periods of time.

Which means, the current website theme you see active right now will NOT be the same theme come Wednesday, January 3rd. It’ll be a new theme with a totally new layout, it will also be a theme I am more satisfied with in terms of how it displays content.

There will also be a new page added, which I will deem the ‘Hall of Fame’ where I will keep the names of the first followers to my blog, as well as those who support me and such. All of which will come on the 3rd of January.

Social Media Updates
In terms of social media use, I’ll be working to maintain those that I use now. Primarily Twitter, as I have everything pushed onto there. Obviously, I do have a Facebook and Instagram, but I won’t be maintaining or using it as much as I will Twitter.

So if you haven’t already, be sure to follow me on Twitter at: @OOCentral

2018 bring about a new year, with an entirely new start. With a new start comes new goals and ambitions that I have set aside for me this year. This blog is just over 5 months old and already it has reached the 60 follower plateau. Keeping that in mind, my list of goals goes as followed:

  • Reach the 80 Follower mark – I know that’s a relatively low number, but I also know that making gains in terms of followers do tend to slow down, so I think it’s realistic.
  • Promote ways to support me – As many of you have seen through my blogs, I do put a little blurb at the very end where you can donate. Sometimes I put it in and other times I don’t. It’s my goal this year to make sure it’s attached to everything I post.
  • Add more variety – Everyone who follows me knows that what I post is generally routine. It’s an Anime Review under these categories, “Another Season?” or “Worth Watching?”. In the latter half of 2017 did I start using “Movie Review” and “First Impressions”. My goal is to start using my other categories more along with hopefully some new categories – we’ll just have to wait and see.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, these are my updates to start of 2018 along with a few goals I would like to achieve during the year. I will see you Wednesday when a new post goes out!


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  1. Nice! Looking forward to seeing how the new layout will be after the restructuring 🙂
    Wish you the best in 2018, and hope you’ll enjoy the new year and achieve greater heights!

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