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Woop woop! 2018 has arrived and like I promised on New Year’s day, a new website design is incoming! It’ll probably take place sometime around 3:00pm EST.

I thought what no better way than to start of 2018, with another Anime Review. Today we’re going to be chatting about Kimi ni Todoke, an Anime that did really well in 2009 and 2011 as there were two seasons. My review today is more of a general sense, as I’ve seen both seasons.

So I thought I’d do my best summarize both seasons into one review. Let’s get started!

Story: 9/10
While not the most exciting or original storyline, its simplicity charms me. It has a rather slow flow, but it doesn’t bore, rather it helps emphasize the special moments that Sawako experiences in her school life. The process of growing up, feeling love for the first time, making friends, and even enemies are all so amazingly portrayed through this show.

Character: 10/10
Seriously, I’ve never liked a female lead this much before. Sawako is just too cute. She’s innocent to the point of being humorous, but she’s not stupid or weak. Quite the contrary actually (I was pleasantly surprised by how she interacted with Kurumi). She’s always positive, always trying to help others, and always being true to herself. You can’t help but be moved by her.

For the male lead, you’ve got the 100% refreshing Kazehaya who is actually not your typical male lead. At first glance, he’s Mr.Perfect who everyone admires, but after a while, you learn that he’s just like any other guy. He gets flustered, nervous, angry and embarrassed like all of us do. And in my opinion, that just makes him more endearingly cute and charming. 

Also, this show’s supporting characters are some of the best I’ve seen in shoujo anime! They really define the true meaning of friendship 🙂 Heck, even the antagonist is pretty awesome.

Art: 9/10
The artwork might not be considered the best out there, but it does the story justice (and then some). It’s bright, simple and cute. There were certain times when I would think “wow, the colours look amazing here” (you gotta pay attention to sunset scenes!). They also did a good job with the characters, I think they purposely made them look plain so that it helps contrast times when they stand out (like when Sawako smiles!). So overall, they did a lovely job.

Sound: 9/10
I love the opening song and I think it fits the series perfectly. Can’t say much about the background music though because I haven’t paid much attention to it…too busy enjoying the dialogue.

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  1. This is one of the few anime that had me crying. I am an old man and crying does not come easily to me. It may have helped that it was at 3 am and I’f just had a glass of rum.

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