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We begin with Shiki, an Anime that is sort of a hit or miss. You either like it, or you don’t. It just so happens that I am a person in the ‘like it’ category. There are not really many Anime that classify under the Vampire genre so to say that this was a ‘terrible’ Vampire Anime would be wrong of me. Especially since there are not many good Vampire Anime.

So keeping in mind my low expectations with this Anime, I must say I was rather impressed, here’s my review!

Story: 8
The story takes place in a village named Sotoba. Sotoba is a quiet and peaceful village, till the chain of bizarre deaths started to occur. Nobody knows the reason but more and more people are dying.Toshio Ozaki is the hospital dean and he suspects an epidemic. But what first starts as an epidemic, turns out to be much more. The first episodes might be boring.

I didn’t really enjoy watching them but later the show really gets good. There is nothing such as an epidemic the reason for the deaths are Okiagari ( Some people might call them vampires ). Dead ones who come back to life. If you miss old school vampire animes, this is for you.

Art: 7
The art is very abstract and I think the style is unique. Please don’t be one of these people who hates Shiki because they say the art is weird. What? They are having interesting hairstyles.Really I never saw so much crazy hairstyles but this is not bad.The art could be better but I like it like it is.


Sound: 7
I love the openings! The first opening really fits the anime. To be honest I didn’t like it at the beginning but later I just started to love it! The background sounds of this Anime are really well done considering how dark this Anime is made to feel, it definitely adds to the whole atmosphere surrounding the Anime.

Characters: 8
With Shiki’s large cast, it seems likely that characters who don’t get as much screen time to be very shallow and two-dimensional. However, I didn’t get that feeling in this anime. Most of the characters have enough background story told to ‘flesh’ them out. And they aren’t ridiculous or unbelievable background stories, you could say we all knew these kinds of people at some point in our lives.

I would say the two most intriguing characters are Muroi and Ozaki. Both carry the great burden of knowing the truth behind the deaths but make completely different decisions in the end. And many other characters surprise me by fighting against expectations.

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  1. Shiki is one of those shows I absolutely love. It has such a great atmosphere and I love the build up. The climax is a little crazy but it is just so much fun getting drawn into the story and seeing each of the characters dealing with the situation (or ignoring it). Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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