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Happy Wednesday and/or Thursday wherever you may be. Today we’re going to chat about Gosick! Yes, another older Anime, but a really good old Anime at that.

Story: 8/10
Gosick is your natural detective tale, love story, and a slice of life. It is brimming with mystery, set in a fictional European countryside called Saubure (Sauville), adjacent to France and Italy. Its plot follows in the footsteps of Lupin, Detective Conan, Heaven’s Memo Pad, hell even Death Note. Our protagonist and deuteragonist are Kujo and Victorique De Blois, respectively. Their mutual friendship eventually blossoms into a partnership.

Art: 7/10
For 2011, the Art is above average. That isn’t saying much, however, the cinematography and the detailed description of the European countryside is spot on. The producers and Bones really did their homework and parlayed a few vacation trips in order to capture the essence, It isn’t uncommon for Mangakas and Animators to visit real-life locations to maximize surrealism and breaking the 4th wall. Ryohgo Narita the creator of a very popular series, Baccano! did the same thing by visiting the Chicago Train Station.

Sound: 8/10
When I first marathoned and binged on the show, the first alluring thing that
attracted me was not only Victorique’s sharp wit and seething bluntness. But the unmistakable OST, that is eerily similar to Code Geass. Doing some homework, I came to realize that the soundtrack was composed by Kotaro Nakagawa, the very same composer of Code Geass’s OST. This is one aspect of Gosick that very much excels in.

Characters: 7/10
The protagonist, Kujo is a dunce. An overbearing third son who can never ever match his older brothers. The Fredo Corleone of the family, the black sheep, a weakling, an outcast. A freaking pariah! However, he seems to connect with our deuteragonist Victorique de Blois, also an exiled child who had never been embraced in the warmth of love. Her disdain for the world and her cynical pessimistic outlook on life attributes to this fact. She trusts no one with good reason, she was raised in the dungeon cellar of her father’s Mansion, due to the fact that her mother was illegitimate, and a criminal.

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