Violet Evergarden | First Impressions

It is here. The Anime that I’ve been waiting for so long! Violet Evergarden! Many of you don’t know but I’ve been waiting for this Anime to wear since last year. All because I fell in love with the trailers Kyoto Animation put on for the Anime.

It definitely does deserve all the hype! The first episode was so beautifully made, from the animation to the sounds, and the lead into the story that will be expanded on in the 14 episodes this Anime is to air.

The bar of this Anime for me was extremely high. I didn’t know if it was going to live up to them or the expectations of the many people who have been dying to see this Anime but it did and I’m really happy. Hopefully, this Anime continues on its success and proves to everyone why it deserves to be one of the best Anime of 2018. Starting off 2018 on a really good note.


What I really enjoyed most about this Anime was, of course, the animations. I thought they were beautiful especially of Violet (Who is the main character) of the story. You will also notice as you watch the Anime, the amount of detail they put into the background, it was something so subtle but added to the overall feel of the Anime.

It made everything pop and stand out more, it added to the whole ambiance of the first episode. Not to mention, the music played during the episode too really fit the feel of the show.

Something unexpected though was the various life lesson-like quotes that were in the Anime. It really took me by surprise and it made me think about the message this first episode was giving off. I am really excited for more, bring on the second episode!

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  1. I just posted my review as well! Of course, it is way longer than this since it is going to be an episode by episode review, but I loved the first episode as well! So so good <3

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