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Even though Rewrite, was one of the worst Animes I’ve ever seen (in my opinion). I had to do this, I just had to. The person within me told me to never drop an Anime but Rewrite, even though I really wanted to drop it, I couldn’t and here I am giving you a nice honest review.

Story 3/10:
While the plot itself is passable, let me remind you that plot is not the only element under consideration in this section. The biggest issues with the story are the pacing and presentation.

The pacing is extremely haphazard and the various scenes seem to jump from one to another without any concern for flow. This often ruins the impact of many important scenes and makes the viewer wonder what exactly is happening. The presentation of many scenes tends to unnecessarily give the viewers the wrong idea about these events of the anime, which can lead to a good deal of frustration.

When you try to cram a 60+ hour Visual Novel into a 13 episode anime, there are two possible outcomes – A badly paced rush-job or a completely different story. While Rewrite was supposed to have a different story from the VN, it has all the features of the former case.

Characters 3/10:
I knew that the short duration of the anime adaptation would limit the amount of character development that could be given to most characters, but I never expected it to be this terrible.

The characters are extremely clichéd, to begin with – a happy-go-lucky protagonist, a childhood friend girl, an ‘aho’ transfer student girl, a modern tsundere class rep girl, a healing presence/small furry animal type kouhai, a domineering yet lazy senpai, a mysterious loli and a chuunibyou delinquent – basically a buffet of all the stereotypical characters that you may find in any school-based anime, with some combinations thrown into the mix…. And that’s the good part.

A little later into the show, development is forced on the characters so hard that almost all of them feel broken by the end of it. Some of the characters are changed so much that they’re not even the same characters anymore. Viewers who are new to Rewrite will have a lot of difficulties understanding the behaviour and dialogues of many of these characters.

Sound 7/10:
The soundtracks and the OPs are just remixed versions of the same from the VN, but are still quite pleasant to the ears, though there are some moments where the soundtrack doesn’t match the situation. The EDs are above average.

Art 4/10:
This is where the low budget of Rewrite really shows. The regular animation is passable at most times, though you’ll find a lot of horribly warped faces and such if you happen to pause at the wrong moment.

It also makes use of some really clunky CG at times, which serves to further ruin the effect. The main issue is that the scenes where CG is used tend to be rather important to the plot, thus decreasing the enjoyment of the series on the whole.

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  1. I didn’t make it through much of this anime before dropping it but I actually don’t remember it well enough to know what I didn’t like now. Oh well.

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