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Today we’re going to chat about White Album 2, an Anime that I think is worth watching. White Album 2, isn’t an ‘underrated’ Anime per say, quite a bit of people know of this Anime. However, not too many people have actually seen it, which is why today, hopefully, I can make a convince some people to give it a look. Let’s get started!

Story: 9/10
It certainly isn’t an out of the norm plot, romantic triangles are quite abundant in the current romance anime meta, especially when based on a school setting. Still, the way it develops is close to no other, the storyline doesn’t feel rushed at all, yet it manages to keep you attached to the screen and to the characters (especially the female ones) up until the last, heartbreaking scene. You may cry in despair, you might be angry at some points, even outraged. You might even laugh, or feel deeply happy at some stages of the story, but in the end the story feels truly human, and it manages to touch you in a rare way that you’ll want to cherish forever, and you’ll certainly be able to relate to the situations presented on this anime as long as you keep your heart open to it.

Art: 7/10
It has its moments, as I stated above, but overall the art (which is inspired by the visual novel this anime is an adaptation of) is great. It doesn’t have extremely outstanding visuals, it’s rather austere, nothing like Byousuku 5 Centimeter and other shows with a much higher artistic budget, but it certainly does its job well. The character designs are fitting, and some scenes are truly precious and unforgettable. My wallpaper is one of those scenes, I’ll let you guess which one if you’re interested~

Sound: 10/10
This. This right here is the brightest star in the anime. The soundtrack level is worthy of Clannad: After Story and the likes. Madoka Yonezawa (Setsuna’s seiyuu, relevant to the whole story) and Uehara Rena give voice to some of the most touching melodies ever composed. They say music is the language the heart speaks, and these songs speak directly to the heart of the listener. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t understand the lyrics at first, they will touch even the remotest corners of your soul with barely a few chords and tones. You can feel their struggles within their melodic landscape. A masterpiece of a soundtrack. 10/10.

Characters: 9/10
I could say a lot of things about the characters, and it would be okay. But I think their most important trait is… they are human. Their actions, their thoughts… they are mirrors of the human nature. You can relate to their suffering and joy, you can feel it’s not some kind of fairytale story but rather something that could be happening anywhere else in the world at the moment you’re watching it.

This, to me, is one of the most important traits a character can have, especially in a romance/drama story. Being able to identify your own psyche in them… is a priceless feeling, and increases the overall value of the story to a point you start thinking it’s a real incident what’s through the screen. And certainly a heartfelt one.

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  1. While I also loved it as a romance series, I would also say that the cringey aspects highlighted in the show also ‘teaches’ one what not to do in romance affairs.
    Glad to know that someone else knows about the show and appreciates its tale too 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! (Hope more could get into this)

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