Mayo Chiki! | A weird one.

Rollin’ all through with the Anime reviews! Today we’re gonna talk about May Chiki. I don’t know about this Anime, it’s somewhere in between, it’s a weird one. As stated in the title. But nevertheless, I am here to do what I do best, which is give you my review.

Story 7/10
Mayo Chiki is based on your self-proclaimed “normal” high school student Sakamachi Kinjirou who lives a not so normal everyday life. His mother is a professional wrestler and sister following in her footsteps. This leads to Sakamachi becoming a punching bag for his mother and daughter making his body develop an illness which makes his nosebleed by the simple touch of a girl! At school, he attends in the same class as high school beauty Suzutsuki Kanade who has a butler that is quite popular with the girls named Subaru Konoe. Although as our main protagonist soon finds out Konoe isn’t exactly everything he appears to be! Sakamachi accidentally discovers that Konoe is actually a girl and our adventure begins!

The story isn’t anything special but it does enough to keep your attention. It seems to have taken the road of many generic romance/comedy cross-dressing animes out there and only tries a bit to make itself different. It’s typically about a girl cross-dressing as a butler attending high school and must keep her true gender a secret. Quite typical among many animes of this genre such as Maria Holic!

Art 7/10
The art is pretty well-done and nice to look at. From the character designs to the environments and animations it all blends in well together.

Sound 8/10
The sound was another great aspect. Besides the opening and ending the BGM fit very nicely and of course the soundtracks went according to the mood and atmosphere to give it a more emotional feel. The voice actors did a splendid job acting out the emotions of anger, cleverness, sadness, happiness and so on very well. Especially during tsundere moments where they would sound angry and unpleasant one minute and sweet and gentle the next.

Characters 7/10
I’m not going to get specific with each character individually but I will give you the basic idea behind them all. The characters were a bit generic such as our main protagonist Kinijirou Sakamachi, being the guy completely ignorant not knowing when a girl likes him even when it is completely obvious to those around him and the audience. The typical nice guy who tries to be helpful to everyone; however with a little fight in him when picked on by the girls.

Then we have our girls who are border-line generic as well. Our typical tsundere Usami, clever-witty girl Kanade, loving sister Kureha and the main female protagonist who is a mix of a little bit of everything Konoe. I think you’ll find many characters like these if you’ve watched several romance animes however they do present them quite nicely and do show some progression in their character as the show goes on so it gets a point for that.

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  1. I watched this show but barely remember anything about it at this point so it clearly didn’t leave that strong of an impression. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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