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Much of the Anime today (in my opinion), has been majority harem Anime. Over the years, you’ve seen a steady rise in the amount of these types of Anime for whatever purpose. But to me, all these Anime that are labeled as Harems, are what I consider ‘filler’ Anime.

Mainly because they seem to slot in just before a great Anime is supposed to air. Which is something I’ve noticed, I may be wrong, who knows? Apart from that Orshura, is what you call a textbook harem Anime in that it’s really a hit or miss Anime.

Story: 6/10
The romantic comedies I’ve seen always has a typical setting for its story. You’ve got your typical male somehow attracting people of the opposite sex to do your dirty work for you. Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement but you know what I mean. You have a new student who comes around and takes advantage of our main character Eita.

He is entirely not interested in love and is recovering from a middle school like syndrome where he has a mindset of thinking he’s someone called “Burning Fighting Fighter”. Because of this, she uses him as a way for other guys to not constantly ask her out by having him be her boyfriend, and to make sure he doesn’t do anything wrong, she uses a notebook of his experience as the Burning Fighting Fighter. It sounds like a nice story to step foot on, but that’s what really “starts” the anime.

Art: 9/10
A unique aspect of this anime is its art. Bright, vibrant colors that separate other anime. It’s opening and ending truly stand out to show it’s nice art. Although at some points it feels really bright as if someone wanted to turn the contrast of the anime to unnecessary amounts. Doesn’t bug me, but people seem to be a bit annoyed by it.

Sound: 8/10
You’ve got your catchy opening and ending, enough to bring the audience to actually watch the first episode. It gets in your head for quite some time too. Its use of music during the anime doesn’t interest me that much, but it’s nice really.

Character: 6/10
Now, this is when I’m a bit annoyed with the main character. Eita is extremely clueless when it comes to the girls showing their affection. ALL the girls like him. That’s the point of a harem, but it’s irritating to see how narrow-minded he is. Yes I know he’s uninterested in love. I just never thought he’ll be this clueless. He’s still a likable character by being a helpful person to all his women.

There’s a total of four girls that appear in the anime. First, you have your mean, tsundere-like figure who uses Eita as she slowly starts liking him. Next, you have your childhood friend who doesn’t like that fact that Eita is dating someone, as she has feelings for him too. You then have a character who similarly has a middle school syndrome and remembers Eita from her past life and wants to be united. Lastly, you have another tsundere-like character who has a crush on Eita. I’m just trying to be brief about this as you have to watch the anime to find more background information about them, as it’s what really drives the story forward.

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  1. I wasn’t overly impressed with this one. I didn’t much like any of the characters and found the set up really forced. Overall, there are better shows that do much the same thing.

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