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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, otherwise known as Your Lie in April is an Anime that aired during the Fall of 2014. This anime, in particular, is definitely one of my favourites and I’m sure it’s an Anime you’ve all enjoyed if you have indeed watched it.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, is just one of those Animes that give you the goosebumps whenever you watch it, I know for me that’s the case. It’s a very emotionally driven Anime, in my opinion, and if you haven’t already seen it I do highly suggest you give it a watch. I think it’ll be worth your time.

STORY 9/10:
One of the most incredible aspects of this show’s story is the amount of depth contained within its simplicity. The premise is fairly generic- a boy named Arima Kousei struggles to move on with his career as a pianist after his mother dies. The setting, too, is nothing astounding, since most of the show takes place at Kousei’s school or in concert halls. In fact, even the characters themselves come across as being relatively plain from the start. And yet, like a tender bud in springtime, the plot blossoms. Through all of this, we are reminded that there is beauty in even the common things of life, as long as we pause to observe it. While there are times when the story seems a bit slow, the paradoxical intricacy and commonality of the many small steps towards its conclusion reveal that it is indeed elegantly and masterfully crafted.


ART 9/10:
Are there still frames in this series? Yes. Do they detract from the story? I certainly didn’t think so. And frankly, this aspect was by no means central to any of the show’s many strong suits with regards to the quality of the animation. I have seen only a handful of live-action films with the level of discretion and taste in directorship that “Your Lie in April” demonstrated. The colors meld brilliantly with the plot and the music, and the style adds a laudable personality to the show. The few times when I was disappointed with the art came during scenes where the main style was abandoned momentarily for the sake of a humorous aside. These were rare, however, and they did not detract significantly from the overall emotion of the story. For those of you who don’t appreciate these moments, I can promise that the show is still absolutely worth watching.


SOUND 8/10:
The greatest irony about “Your Lie in April,” is that the reason I (at first) hesitated to watch it became the most memorable impact that it had on my life. I don’t know anything about the “music” genre of anime. To be honest, I still don’t care all that much to find out more. However, the music of this show is beyond the confines of any genre. If you like classical music, you will LOVE Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. If you don’t like classical music, you will have changed your mind by the end of the last episode. Not only does the show’s more traditional score support its story elements, but the classical pieces sprinkled throughout are simply breathtaking. From start to finish, it leaves no room for its viewers to question whether or not music is able to carry emotional weight.


I have not personally seen a show that deserves a perfect score for its cast or development of characters, but this show certainly comes close. A few of the supporting roles, like Watari and Nagi, seem either underutilized or slightly forced. Nevertheless, to say that the main characters- Kousei, Kaori, and Tsubaki- are developed and portrayed effectively, would be a tremendous understatement. It has been days since I finished watching the show, and I am still struggling to convince myself that those characters never actually existed.

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